Is it idiotic to deny food service to someone for being black?

Asked by: triangle.128k
  • Why is this even a question??

    Of course it bloody is. Even if being racist will win support from the majority of your customers, it's idiotic and immoral. Where's the sense of respect that we should give all other rational beings/all humans? In short - you're a bad person if you refuse a black guy service because he's black.

    Stupid question. The answer's obvious...

  • As idiotic as to deny food service to gays.

    There was an opinion before titled "is it idiotic to refuse food service to someone for being gay?"

    Apparently, half the people voted yes so I'll create a new question only this time with a race. So how is denying food service to gays any different from Jim Crow laws?

  • Yes. It is wrong.

    It is awful for someone to refuse service to a customer on these grounds. Businesses should (and typically do) post rules that apply to all customers. These rules are the only thing that should govern when service is denied. It is sad that our society is still in a place that this could ever happen.

  • That should be illegal

    It is idiotic to reject food service just because someone isn't the same race. A second person should come to report the boss if that happens. I never saw that type of person but that sounds cruel. If that happened I would call the cops. People that do that are idiotic

  • Annoying headline words words words, etc.

    Not necessarily. It all depends on what your desired result is. In most places, openly displaying racist beliefs would turn people away, so it wouldn't be the best business practice to deny service to black people. There are still locations in the modern world, though, where being a racist keeps you on the good side of the majority of the populace. So no, denying food to black people is not a definitively idiotic move.

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triangle.128k says2015-04-05T19:22:38.970
@Existentia It's question because many people said it isn't idiotic to deny food service to gay people in a previous question.