Is it idiotic to refuse food service to someone for being gay?

Asked by: TheINFJNala
  • To the religious

    You have plenty of freedoms. You have freedom to believe whatever you may like. When beliefs turn into actions, you now impact others rights. You don't get to trample others rights just because of God.

    If God wants you to be jerks, let his voice boom out and tell us so.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Not just idiotic- unAmerican.

    Refusing service to an entire class of people just because you don't like who they are is discrimination, plain and simple. You don't have the "religious freedom" to discriminate when you run a for profit business open to the public- that's just the law. If you can't handle that, don't own a business that serves the public.

    The poor arguments being used today to defend bigotry against gays were used to defend bigotry against blacks not all that long ago. They are just as spurious today as they were then.

  • I think it is

    I read news about a pizza shop refusing service to a gay couple because they believed it's wrong, yet they say "we're not discriminating."

    I mean, seriously? You don't have to approve of the marriage, but if you disapprove to the point where you won't even give them a frickin pizza or cake, you've got a problem.

    A person's personal opposition against gay marriage won't stop me from serving them some food. They aren't all bad people. So what's the big deal?

    And, if they a store don't want to serve food jus because the customer is gay, that's fine. I advice you just go somewhere else. It's a waste of time to file a lawsuit. It's not the end of the world, and not all people against gay marriage are Bible thumpers.

  • Yay, the return of Jim Crow laws!

    We had this problem earlier with blacks not being offered service or anything for their race. Not offering homosexuals anything because of their sexuality is stupid. It's plain prejudice and shouldn't even be legal.

    I thought we learnt our lesson with the Jim Crow laws. If more buisnesses start doing this, there will be a problem. If someone doesn't have the same sexuality as you, suck it up and deal with it. Nobody pressured you to be gay.

    How would you like it if someone rejected you service over your sexuality, religion, race, etc?

  • Why would you do that?

    As far as I know about own a business is that a customer is a customer, that's the only way you're going to get your money. Regardless of religion or belief, turning away a gay, colored, atheist, or woman, is just turning away money. There are many businesses out there that they can go to for the product they wish to consume. So it is very idiotic to refuse service, if you don't want to waste your money on a business that no one is going to go to, because let's face it; they are a lot of gay people and gay supporters-myself included.

  • Why is it so wrong?

    Its's not the persons fault that they are gay. It was not their choice they can't change you they are. It is wrong and idiotic. We are saying that we live is a discrimination and racist and no judgement free place, but i never see anyone really doing that. It is their opinion but then again they will never find out how that person feels. It's idiotic and wrong, it's not like the gay guy is gonna go to all the customers and scream in their face "HEY LOOK AT ME, I'M GAY!!" No they are not.

  • It's bad for business

    Denying service to someone for being gay is idiotic because it's extremely bad for your business. First of all, you're losing money by refusing to serve a potential customer (or even a potential repeat customer if your business is good). Even worse for your business, however, is the immediate (and usually unnecessary) backlash you'll get from LGBT activists and such. Although the backlash is pretty unjustified, you will still lose a lot of business because of it. It's just not a good business decision at all.

  • I had no idea that the gender that someone gets aroused by contributed to whether they should eat?

    Just as ridiculous a premise as allowing someone to share food with you -- but hold up -- they must have a ring on their finger. You'd think it was a comedy routine and laugh, if someone pronounced that they seriously didn't like someone because of one little quality they had...

  • Food Service is available to all, from a given business ANY.

    It would be insensible for a business to refuse their service to anyone. I think that if a business were to refuse food service to someone for being gay it would show their ignorance. The business does have rights, but basing it on someone being gay opens up for discrimination.

  • Absolutely: yes it is

    We are in a depression people, this really is dumb. I disagree that they should be sued for this, they have a moral standpoint and they live by it, if you think that morality is racist and thus acting upon it should be sued for discrimination, move someplace where they don't believe in morality, maybe you'll get the kind of "equality" you want there.

  • Idiotic? No. Rude and disrespectful? Yes.

    Technically, it can be considered smart for business. However it is very disrespectful, discriminatory, unfair, rude, hurtful, and detrimental to the whole of society. However idiotic? No. Someone isn't stupid or an idiot for acting a way that's rude, they're just rude.

    And to the guy who said that it's un-American.... Shut up LOL

  • Freedom of conscience and freedom of speech

    Firstly, I don't appreciate the inflammatory language in the question. It does nothing to further discussion and instead belittles those who may disagree and the situation from which the question arose.

    On to actual points. The Bill of Rights grants us the freedom to think whatever we may, and to express such thoughts, so long as we don't trample the rights of others in the process. As many of the LGBT community seem to forget, this works BOTH WAYS! People against homosexuality are not allowed to make laws against it ever occuring, and those for it ought not to have legal justification to impose their views either. I am not a vegetarian. Should I be able to legally compel vegetarian restaurants and stores to sell meat? As a straight male should I have the right to go to lesbian clubs? As a religious person who believes in abstinence before marriage, can I compel others to believe in God or not have sex? Why can LGBT force their viewpoint on those who disagree when the reverse is clearly not true?

  • I believe no.

    For a Christian to serve a gay a wedding cake or just a pie, I (my personal perspective) believe it is wrong. I wouldn't want to serve a gay person because it would be very uncomfortable for me, it would mean I am accepting their sinful life (if you can understand, I can't think of the words to explain) which would then mean I have sinned. Its kind of like I wouldn't watch a tv show with a gay actor or host. Christians do not hate the person but they hate the sin, they hate that these people do what they do (which isn't the person).
    Your business may lose profit but if you chose to serve a gay in order to get money, you are then choosing money over the Lord. I'm sure I'm not explaining as best I could but I gave it a try. At the end of the day, it is that buisness' choice to serve whom they wish, if the customer is unhappy, they can go to another buisness. If it was made a law that all buisness' must serve gay customers, that would essentially not be giving the freedom of religion to the shop owners , because it is their company and should be able to do what they wish. Now it is kind of being a hypocrite that I say we will be without rights when you say gays are already without rights, but there are plenty more buisness out there that can do the same service or bakery as your buisness is doing.

  • I don't think its idiotic.

    First of all, before we go on saying it's being rude or it's discriminating, being gay is not the same as being black, or white. Being black or white is on your skin, how you look like. Being gay is nothing like that. People who don't like gay people do not hate the people them-self, it is what they do that disturb those people.

    If we talk about it as it is, a guy shoving his penis in another guys butt just does not feel well i don't know the word to use for this. But that image along is enough to gross some people out. Remember its not because they carry the title as gay, it is the action behind that title that some just cant get their head around it. Many will say oh hes gay so what, yes some people really don't mind things like that, but the same can not be said for all. There is a reason behind every actions, its never a good idea to consider someone an idiot because you don't go along with there ideas.

  • It can be bad for business, but it's not idiotic.

    People do have the right to say no to service a gay because they own the restaurant. I don't think it's idiotic nor un-American to refuse service to a gay couple. Most people say no because of religious beliefs and that's ok, we can't force our own beliefs on others, but we can follow in what we believe is right.
    I don't understand we anyone, no offense, would say it's "unAmerican." It doesn't make much sense. When someone says that's unAmerican, it sounds like most of the people in America believe in what you believe is right and whoever denies or doesn't believe in what you believe in makes them unAmerican or they will make unAmerican choices, acts, etc... I'm not trying to insult anyone, but just pointing that out.

  • For some people it's religious

    Many religions do not believe in gay marriage. Those religions that don't then will have people who are apart of them that are bakers and such. If a gay couple asked a baker to bake a cake for their wedding he has every right to respectfully decline to do so as it is his belief and his bakery.

  • Think of any other place that does that

    I would say that it wasn't idiotic simply because that was the business choice. The other places that "discriminate" against certain people would be certain gentlemans and clubs (I'm specifically talking about the one that says you can only get in if you know someone on the inside, and your are either influential or rich.{side note I cannot remeber the name of the place nor do I have time to search for it, sorry}Also there are restaurants who will not seat you because of your clothes, your age, or based off of some other factor. That's the thing about capitalism, if you cant order, afford, or go to a specific restaurant than somewhere else, there is quite literally a plethora of other places they could have gone to otherwise. I would also like to say that restaurants don't know if you are gay or straight unless you are flaunting it, I.e. Displays of affection, so obviously something physical had to be at play here.

  • Wrong, should be illegal, but not necessarily idotic

    It can be idiotic. That depends on the bottom line. However, business owners also have responsibilities to society, such as the responsibility not to discriminate against people who have done no wrong.

    Make an antidiscrimination law and then it does become idiotic even if otherwise it would've been smart, since now you risk being sued if you discriminate.

  • No, if the "food service" refers to baking a wedding cake or a rainbow colored one for Pride Day

    Cooking for homosexuals is one thing. Baking a wedding cake is another. Basically, if that food service is related to the actual act of homosexuality or support of homosexuality (i.E. Gay wedding, Pride Day), then not at all. Baking that cake would imply that you are in a way taking part in that celebration, which is a sin for many religions. However, if the food service refers to everyday food service, such as restaurants, then the homosexuals should be served food, since essentially no religion supports wrong treatment of a sinner. They must be treated with love, respect, and sympathy, not hatred and denial of service.

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tcutshaw2 says2015-04-02T14:53:20.653
I feel that this whole ordeal is just stupid. Both sides seem to be blowing things way out of proportion. One major problem is that many people don't even know WHY the law in Indiana was passed in the first place. I'm not saying the law was justified, but I'm also definitely not saying that the backlash was justified either. It's just a humongous mess.
Philocat says2015-04-02T14:57:41.120
I wouldn't call it 'idiotic', they can serve whoever they want to serve; it is a severe infringement on personal freedom to force people to provide a service for another.
TBR says2015-04-02T15:07:58.133
@Philocat - "they can serve whoever they want to serve; " Our constitution and Civil Right act say otherwise.
Vox_Veritas says2015-04-02T15:16:03.240
It needs to be revised to only apply to services which are wedding-related. Then it'd be a good law.