Should it be illegal for boys to have a long hair?

  • save the world

    The last thing we need in this world is a bunch of long haired hippie people on the loose. Guys with long hair tend to listen to devil music, which in turn makes them susceptible to sex, drugs, and witchcraft. If we want to preserve the moral fiber of this great world of ours, we need to ban long hair on men and boys.

  • Long hair is too feminine for boys.

    Having long hair makes you look like a girl, and boys are supposed to look like men. It confuses people and causes young men to look at other long haired men with interest, and causes them to be confused, thinking they might be gay, which cannot be good for them.

  • Of course boys should have long hair if they want

    It is human rights for people to have as much long hair as they want, boys actually look very nice in long hair sometimes, so yes they should have a choice. I think it is ridiculous for anyone to think that it should be illegal for boys to have long hair.

  • Not sure about 'illegal' but.........

    Very unfair when parents let their boy's hair grow over their eyes and below their chin.

    I know . I have a grandson with a hair style more girlish than girl. He is getting very feminine in his ways. So I am worried for his future. He already likes skirts! Where will it end.........

  • Long hair is for women unless it's for cultural or religious reasons

    Long hair is for women and it's too femine looking on men and boys. Most importantly there are many guys with long hair who don't properly groom or keep it clean which is nasty. It's just a cruel to cut a little girls hair short as it is to allow a little boy to have long hair. I can't stand boys and men who look dishelved, shaggy, and sloppy. I uphoar that Justin Bieber hair cut and heavy metal head banger hair. I think long hair and facial hair should be banned unless there is a religious or cultural reason for it.

  • Should it be illegal for boys to have long hair

    It is good discipline for a boy to have a short back and sides. It is smart differentiates him from the opposite sex and prepares him for work. Also bullying is avoided as most boys have short hair and it would not be right to stand out from the other boys and risk getting picked on. I fully support schools having rules which state their students must keep their hair cut away from their ears and neck

  • Fence painting problems

    Men exist for one reason only: to paint fences. Think about it. Men have an astute capability to paint fences. But if boys have long hair, how are they supposed to avoid getting paint in their hair? This is despicable. How is my son ever supposed to paint my American picket fence with hair like that!!!1!!!!

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  • No, it should not be illegal for boys to have long hair!

    Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous question?! The length of a persons hair does not affect the way they think or act. That's like saying bald girls or girls with short hair do bad things and affect society. They do not, just like how men with long hair don't do harmful things. I am pretty sure many guys with regular, short hair commit crimes and listen to bad music just as much as guys with long hair.

  • No, hair is our own thing.

    Hair is a body part, and there's no rule about how long your fingernails should be, is there? Hair is also kind of a possession and we can do what we want with it. If some people think that boys shouldn't have long hair then they may keep it to themselves. Also in some religions boys might have a little rats tail of hair that they sacrificially have.

  • No, hair is a natural part of a person's body, so how can there be rules?

    I think hair is our own problem or our own property to have. How can a rules can be made to our own body parts. Isn't hair is our body parts?.Its not other problem if we cut hair or we grow long hair. There was no rule that girl should have long hair, they just did it to become different than boys. Now days, or we can say girl also have their hair cut down, so there should be rules that girl should have long hair too.

  • I have a lot to say

    Okay so the first thing I would like to say is that people like you are so sexist it makes me want to give up on this horrible world and jump in the sea and drown.

    GOT IT?

    The second thing is I feel like someone should have a chat with your parents to see if they agree with me on the first point.

    GOT IT?

    Now I would happily discuss 100 more points with u but I don't have time bye

  • But Consider the Consequences

    Many parents of boy toddlers think it 'cute' and are, Somehow, Not hurt when a nice stranger says "pretty little girl. "

    Our grandson, Since he was born and now 4, Has has beautiful, Straight blond hair over his shoulders. He is slight in build and has a cute (feminine) face at this age.

    My concern is psychological damage that cannot be or should not have to be unwound later. When he becomes 14 and has 'issues' that stem, Largely, From being called a girl his entire life (some boys, Young and old will be bullies - and we cannot prevent that entirely).

    Why not, Parents, Check your ego and do the least risk thing for your son - let him 'blend in' with his peers until he can/should be making his own choice. My guess is that most parents keeping their toddler boys' hair long had parents that did not let them make decisions about their own hair and are now telling the world, 'I make my choices for my son - not you. "

    If a boy with shorter hair gets to be 8 or 9 and wants to let it grow long, No problem. Just let him get old enough for it truly to be his choice.

    In essence, Parents, In my opinion, Should dictate the hair length/style that is best for the kid's long term interest, Just like they would with sunscreen, Food choices, TV time, And so forth.

  • God Has Spoken

    Anyone that thinks boys or men should have short hair etc. , Are ignorant, Brainwashed, Poisened and conditioned by their peers, And society to a point to think that way. Go up to a outlaw long haired biker and tell him to cut his hair and see what happens. And even though there are some boys and men with long hair that are gay/feminine etc, There are millions more boys and men with long hair that are not!
    As a matter of fact there are more boys and men with short hair that are gay. Fuck that. I am all for long haired men and women boys and girls too. Alpha long haired badasses rule not you short haired, Bald gay guys. And we women want guys with long hair.

  • Rights for hair

    People need to understand that its the person with the hair to say whether he cuts his hair not for a person to judge him telling him to cut his hair.All boys should have equal rights to girls about hair this argument shouldn't even be thing its unfair to boys.

  • Rights for hair

    People need to understand that its the person with the hair to say whether he cuts his hair not for a person to judge him telling him to cut his hair.All boys should have equal rights to girls about hair this argument shouldn't even be thing its unfair to boys.

  • This is the most sexist question

    As both a feminist/ human rights activist and a boy with long hair i think that this is extremly sexist. Why should one gender not be allowed to do something with thier body. Imagine if girls were not allowed long hair it is just an overall stupid idea to have.

  • Parents and teachers

    There's nothing wrong to have a long hair. We choose our own personality no them its us who should choose for ourselves that's our own body. If someone want to cut my hair I'm gonna say "If you cut my hair I'll cut yours" our personality and our own rights

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TheShredKing85 says2013-12-13T18:48:07.037
As a long haired man myself , I have dealt with my share of mixed opinions . I have had long hair for about 10 years. Up until I was 18 I had the short - semi long hair ( brush length) which came to maybe my eyes. When I had the short hair I had a hard time meeting women. Had only 1 girlfriend up until I was 18 . She left me when I told her I was going to grow my hair out like hers. Naturally she didn't like that and although we were together for 2 or so years she had an easy time separating herself from me .

Well anyway, I told myself I would never cut it for conformity issues or to gain the interest of a woman . ( regardless of how attractive she may be) I would tell myself to just stay single . The last 8 or 9 years for me have had some increased luck with the ladies ( although a large majority would reject me upon sight or not even give me the time of day ) I get girls in the gym saying Im so attractive and all that jazz.

They often ask why I have the long hair , My answer's have always been . " Im a musician, it suits my wild creative musical side. " or " it adds to my presence" " If you have nice looking hair , why not ? " " embrace your natural abilities" but the most simplest yet thought provoking one is " I like my long hair "

The idea that all long haired men do drugs , commit violent acts, have tons of sex and are in to satanism is beyond comprehension .
There are a handful of short haired unkempt looking men in the media ( past and present ) who have a short modern look and have either killed their wives , children , killed others, committed felonies and a mess of other things

Every woman the last 2 years or so I've been single have expressed that I was " attractive" but just wish I would chop the hair off.
I have been under the impression that if you find someone attractive you see nothing externally wrong with them .

If I ever had a son if he ever wanted to be like his old man , Id be all for it . 4 ft of hair ? Sure ! Chops mcgee on guitar ? Absolutely Heart throb ? Well as long as he's like his old man ! .

At the end of it , its just hair. If women are allowed to find their hair sacred why shouldn't I guy be able to? If you don't like someone just for the fact that their hair is a bit longer than you're used to seeing have some class and don't say a word. Because when you show no class you'll get some long haired guy to speak the truth about yourself.