• It is immoral to hoard cash

    Cash hoarding is referred to as the way a company keeps its cash instead of investing in it and this has led to an increase in the number of unemployed people.If a company invests in its available cash then it will be creating many jobs thus reducing the number of the unemployed.

  • Hoarding Cash is not Immoral

    Corporations have a duty to their shareholders to make profits and increase share prices. One of the ways that they do this is by building cash reserves. Growing this reserves is moral rather than immoral so long as this benefits the shareholders. The corporation has no moral duty to share their wealth with the general public.

  • No, they hae a right to their earnings.

    It is not immoral for corporations to hoard cash. Everyone who has worked to earn money, has the right to either spend, give it away, or save it. It is no different with a corporation. They too have invested time and great sums of money to earn their profits, and so they too have a right to decide to hold onto their earnings if they choose to. It is no less immoral than then a hairdresser holding onto all her earnings and tips that she has earned.

  • Cash has an elastic supply.

    It is not immoral for corporations to hoard cash. The U.S. government is responsible for printing and retiring cash in circulation. The amount of money in the system is called the M1 money supply. Corporations that hoard cash do not have a net effect on the M1 money supply. Corporations that convert cash to other, less liquid assets, may affect the M1 money supply. The U.S. government has increased the M1 money supply by printing cash in times of crisis. Without the U.S. government cash ceases to exist. Corporations with large asset reserves are well within prevailing moral rights to hoard cash if their business plans dictate that they do.

  • Might makes right.

    They can anything they want to, as long as they have the power, so they can go ahead and take all the money they want. Even if it ruins the economy or it is illegal, if they get away with it, then that's fine. In the business world, only the fittest survive, and stupid pansies are thinned from the herd.

  • Might makes right.

    Companies can do whatever the heck they want, as long as they have the power to do so. This means they can go ahead, and make all the money in the world, regardless of who they are pitilessly destroying. If they have the strength to beat down the economy, they can do that. Only the fittest survive, and all the stupid, weak pansies will fail.

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