Is it immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia to humans?

  • I agree that it is completely immoral to administer euthanasia to humans, because life is precious, and no one has the right to end that life for someone else.

    Euthanasia is murder. It is not something that a human should do to or for another human. It is a procedure that should be reserved for pets and other animals who cannot be saved or helped. Humans should not be euthanized or "put down" for any reason. How could anyone, with good conscience, end another person's life? How could you sleep at night? I could not. As long as there is breath, there is a chance for things to get better. Medical miracles happen every day. Practicing euthanasia is tantamount to a declaration that a person has no chance to get better, and there is always a chance.

    Posted by: ElegantKirby
  • Doctors who want to play "God" should be punished

    God gave us life and it is only He who could take it away. His son came down from Heaven as a human being, suffered and died for us. What's wrong with us? Can we not offer our suffering up to God so we may gain eternal salvation? The medical profession was supposed to be a "noble" profession. Now it's all about the money! Doctors like "Dr. Death" just line their own pockets and don't give a hoot about anyone but themselves. Euthanasia is evil - the same goes for abortion.

  • Lost loved one to forced euthanasia by medical staff and hate life now.

    A doctor or family has no right to decide if a person is to live or die.If this does happen, that doctor and staff should be put in prison for life for murder because that is exactly what euthanasia is, murder. There is no such thing as sugar coating murder.

  • Doctors deciding without Patient or Loved ones consent

    Doctors not consulting with patients or their loved ones is illegal and should be that they have no right to secretly use methods to try to kill ill patients without consent of patients or loved ones!!! The doctor himself or herself needs to face the wrath of GOD FOR IT. IT'S ILLEGAL OR SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS COUNTRY!

  • Doctors hold on sanity

    Dr. Jack Kevorkian has killed of 130 people, many of whom were not terminally ill. He believes it right, and he's stated before that he doesn't do it for them, he does it for himself. He ENJOYS killing these people. Do we want a world full of crazy doctors who like to kill for fun?

  • It is dangerous to the public

    I don't care about immoral. I care that euthanasia in the medical field is so extremely dangerous to all patients and needs to stay out. I know this from personal experience. I am in a state in the USA where it is illegal but still done. There are states in the U.S. where it is legal but ours is not one of them. It was done even though the condition was curable. All doctors have to do is label the patient as having no quality of life and being old and its okay to commit murder as long as it is not too obvious, such as with a gun etc. They can get someone into a vegetative state with drugs. If a person is sick weather it is curable or not they can still be labeled as having no quality of life especially if they are in a coma (vegetative state). I guess it is instead easier for the doctors to not have to treat and put the patient in a vegetative state with deadly sedatives and label them with no quality of life or last stages of dementia if the patient is older. Whatever is convenient as long as doctor does not have to work. What I cant understand is how can these monsters who cause such atrocities be able to live with themselves unless they are psychopaths. No ONE in the MEDICAL FIELD should be allowed to force a patient to die. This not only takes the life of the patient but it tears families apart and ruins lives when a trusted medical staff takes a life. If someone wants to take their own life they will be able to do this on their own time. It has happened before. However, they have no business to EVER ASK A MEDICAL STAFF to do it for them. Any medical staff who does should be locked in prison for life and throw away the key.

  • I believe that it is immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia to humans, because I believe it is wrong for one human being to kill another.

    It is my personal belief that it is wrong for doctors to administer euthanasia to people, because I do not believe that one human being has the right to kill another. I believe this practice gives too much power to one person over another. My personal religious beliefs do not condone this practice, and I feel that it is rather barbaric.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • It is very immoral because to administer euthanasia is equivalent to committing murder.

    Life is very precious and to decide to take it, even if a person has an acute illness, is a crime and against the law. Doctor's jobs are to help patients recover, not to help them kill themselves. We have to live a finite amount amount of time but there is always a ray of hope.

    Posted by: LeftyBlondie
  • Doctors should not be able to play God even if they have the knowledge to do so.

    Doctors should not euthanize someone even if they desire to be. This is against the law and taking too much power into their hands. If a doctor was allowed to do this they may decide that a patient was costing a hospital too much money and that they should get rid of them a thought process they perform often at animal shelters.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • Yes, it is immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia because they took an oath to do no harm.

    This is a slippery slope because in some countries, I believe the families can make the decision regarding euthanasia. And in many cases, the decision for the doctor to administer euthanasia would be based on the benefit to the family. There are many drugs that could make a patient comfortable, even while dying. It would be helpful if everyone made a living will regarding the withdrawal of life-supporting treatment.

    Posted by: takeitoneday
  • I do not feel it is immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia to humans.

    I do not feel it is immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia to humans in certain circumstances. If a person has been diagnosed with a terminal disease and are suffering terribly, I see no reason they should not be able to choose for themselves to end their life in a peaceful and comfortable way.

    Posted by: TickoCa22
  • No, because if a patient is suffering, it is more immoral to force them to live against their wishes.

    If it is humane to put down dogs and horses, then why not people? Especially when they are able to decide for themselves what they want to happen to them. If they believe it is a form of suicide, which is immoral, that is their call. But they should not deprive others of that right.

    Posted by: Sloan1965
  • I believe it is a fundamental human right for people to be able to choose how they die at the end of life or when facing a painful terminal illness.

    It is a fact that euthanasia has been acceptable throughout human history, and it was carried out in a far more savage manner. Romans put injured soldiers out of their misery with a hammer and a chisel to the base of the brain. Poison was used by Egyptians to end suffering. Greeks did the same. In the Middle Ages in the midst of the plagues, suffocation was often used. The morality of euthanasia is a modern question brought on by religious beliefs. There is neither a scientific nor any actual moral reason to keep a doctor from administering euthanasia. It is only our fear of death and the realization of our own mortality that makes it uncomfortable to us.

    Posted by: wackywalrus
  • I do not believe it is immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia to humans if the person has a terminal illness.

    If a doctor can prove that the person is of sound mind and has a terminal illness they should be allowed to give that person pharmaceutical care or therapy up and to toxic levels to alleviate their symptoms. If this creates a situation where the the patient dies and the patient and doctor have discussed and agreed that this is an option they are okay with, the doctor should be held blameless. People should not have to suffer with painful terminal illnesses.

    Posted by: ArielS
  • I believe euthanasia is often the most compassionate option a doctor can offer a terminally ill, pain-ridden patient and ending suffering is far from immoral.

    When no treatment or effective palliative care options exist, every human being should be able to exercise their right to end their suffering and die on their own terms. Rather than encouraging suffering patients to commit suicide in ways that could fail, causing even more pain, doctors should be willing to use their medical expertise to assist these patients in making their end-of-life transition. The immoral decision would be for a doctor to force a patient to spend their final days in abject agony and deny them the opportunity for relief.

    Posted by: CarolC
  • Allowing a person to leave this life with at least a shred of dignity is more justified then protecting a life that god says is sacred.

    I personally watched my grandfather die slowly and painfully of a terminal heart disease. This was man who had served in WWII, was an engineer, and had showed nothing but love for his family. I watched as he slowly lost his dignity, every time he would black out and void his bowls, every time he realized he didn't have the energy to walk ten feet, every time he asked for help with the easiest of activities. Our laws wouldn't allow him to do what he wanted to and he was always a law-abiding man. All he wanted was to end the pain and suffering rather than drag it out. No one in this country should be allowed to interfere with the wishes of someone in pain; someone who suffers everyday, someone who knows their condition is terminal, someone who knows what they are asking for.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • No, I think it's a good idea in some cases.

    I don't think its immoral for doctors to help with euthanasia for a patient who is suffering from a terminal illness. Assisted suicides shouldn't be against the law. If a person wants to end his or her suffering, and is unable to do so for whatever reason (suicide is illegal, he or she is physically incapable) a caring physician should be allowed to help the person bring an end to the suffering in a painless, compassionate manner.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • While it may be illegal, I do not consider it immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia to patients.

    Euthanizing a person is probably not something that anyone would want to do, but I do think it can be necessary in some cases. If a person has a terminal disease which will cause them to painfully suffer for an inordinate amount of time, I think they should have the option to end it. In most cases the only other option in which the patient will not suffer is to administer very high doses of painkiller, which typically renders one oblivious to the world around them. Why is it better to place someone in a state where they cannot function until they die than to go ahead and permanently end the suffering? Doctors are supposed to ease suffering and pain, and in cases when the cannot cure a patient, they should treat the patient however they wish to be treated, even if that is by administering euthanasia.

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • It is not immoral for doctors to administer euthanasia to their patients, because keeping a person alive is not necessarily the most humane option.

    If a patient is being kept alive through a machine that breathes for them, or keeps their heart pumping, it is ok for a doctor to "pull the plug" on the machine if the patient wishes to die. Because of this, if a patient who is not on a machine like that but still might be in just as critical a condition, they should also be allowed the option to "pull the plug" on their own life. A patient may be in huge amounts of pain, and there may be no way for them to recover, so dying rather than torturing them might be the patient's favored option.

    Posted by: experteased
  • People should stop being so self-centered and selfish. not everyone wants to continue on suffering a tormenting life.

    Who are you people who state that this is immoral. This question shouldn't even exist if you people truly believe that others ought to do whatever he or she wants to do with his or her life as long it doesn't hurt others. Those of you who disagree with suicide or assistant suicide are hypocrites. If I want to die now, which I do, it is my right to go to a specialist doctor and have him or her help me do it right. Just because you have a wonderful life doesn't mean we all do and quiet frankly it is none of your *beep*ing business if I want a doctor to do it for me. My death will not have any impact to your selfish lives. Sometimes there aren't any chances and you anti-euthanasia people are just self righteous, self serving idiots who think that everyone is like you and can overcome whatever. Sometimes the best way to avoid pain and torture is to end it all, not prolonging it, hoping it'll just go away. Hope never saved anyone from anything. Cures do. Comfortable lifestyle do. Eating does. Again, if I wanted a doctor to help me end my life than that is my decision, not yours!

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