• Some animals are exploited more than others

    Yes, some animals are exploited to the point that it is immoral. It is acceptable when an animal that is endangered to maybe place them in a controlled area such as a zoo in order to save them. In instances such as circus animals that are made to act in ways that are not only unnatural, but also unsafe in some instances this is when it is considered to be immoral and unfair to the animals.

  • We Exploit Animals

    Without a doubt, humans exploit animals in terrible ways on a regular basis. We deserve to eat animals, but we shouldn't experiment upon them or use them for inhumane purposes. Animals deserve some rights, and what we do to them is often immoral, which is important to keep in mind.

  • No, it is not immoral.

    It is not immoral in the way that we use animals in society. We use them to the benefit of our own existence. We use them to feed ourselves and to make clothes. I do not believe it is immoral because we provide them with food and happiness during their time on earth.

  • It's Just Nature

    I do not believe it is immoral the way society exploits animals. In the reality of nature, we are at the top of the food chain, that means we have the ability to manipulate things to our liking. I believe using our resources is part of being human. Have we over stepped those bounds in some places? Certainly. Could we test less on animals? Probably.

  • We Are At The Top Of The Food Chain

    I do not believe it is immoral for our society to exploit animals. The living world has a natural food chain and we are on top of it. This gives us "dominion" over these animals and I believe it is fine for us to use animals, as long as we can justify the need. Since we are at the top of the food chain, we shouldn't feel as though we are doing something wrong.

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