Is it impolite and brutish to dismiss fine art from Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and other esteemed historical artists?

  • Dismissal is different from dislike.

    If you dislike Van Gogh and Dali that's fine, but to dismiss them is to say they had no impact on art or society. You know who both of these artists are despite the fact they are long dead so clearly it's not true that they had no impact. If by disliking Van Gogh and Dali you are insulting other people and dismissing their opinion because you dismiss the artists, then yes it is impolite.

  • Dismissal is different from dislike.

    By saying you dismiss Van Gogh, Dali, etc. you are effectively saying they are unimportant. A great deal of people like and are influenced by their artwork so they are clearly not unimportant. It is also impolite to say that other people's likes and dislikes are unimportant, especially in a field as subjective as art. So, yes it is not polite to dismiss other peoples opinion's when they are no less valid than yours and probably less so.

  • They have made an impact.

    Yes, it is impolite and brutish to dismiss fine art from Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and other esteemed historical artists, because they have made their mark historically. Even if you want to dismiss their art, you have to recognize the cultural impact that they have made on criticism of art and the art industry.

  • No, it's not impolite to dismiss fine art from artists like Van Gogh.

    Art is one of the most subjective things on Earth. Some people may like something while other do not like the same art. I think that is something that will always be a part of humanity. Just because a lot of people think artists like Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, etc were good doesn't mean it's a fact.

  • Everyone is entiltled to their opinion

    It might be impolite by the way people dismiss the art. If they start cussing up a storm and throwing things at the pictures, then that is not only impolite but rude. If they calmly say, "I think other artists are better than Van Gogh, and Salvador Dali." Then that is not is impolite, but their personal preference.

  • not at all

    no, it is all in what you like and is all in what your tastes are. A lot of people would not want to see these peoples art, and would think that it is not all that good, but some would pay millions just to have a work from these.

  • Art belongs to those who cherish it.

    Van Gogh and Salvador Dali specifically get criticized as abstract artists. The fact is, that these artists just saw the world a little differently, and had the ability to illustrate it. If a viewer of the art wishes to dismiss it, ,that is their choice. There is nothing impolite about dismissing them, if done politely.

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