• Tax obligation should not be define by legal budgets

    Corporations deriving large profits from a tax-paying consumer base should not be able to avoid the taxes they owe simply because they can afford to legally maneuver and play the tax code to their benefit. It should be as simple as a flat corporate tax that must be paid as a percentage of revenues.

  • Everyone should pay taxes

    Since those of low to moderate income have to pay taxes, why should multi-million dollar corporations be exempt? They pocket millions of dollars every year and still refuse to pay their workers adequately. Taxes should be a badge of honor for everyone who can, in order to fix our roads and infrastructure, update schools etc.

  • Yes, our businesses suffer from a lack of investment in our communities.

    The big corporations can take it easy: they get to decide when, if ever, to pay and it is not fair. Tax time is the right time to demand that big corporations start paying all their taxes every year, just like the rest of us do. Big corporations that don’t pay their taxes have yet one more competitive advantage over small businesses.

  • All individuals and businesses should be paying their taxes.

    It is important that everyone and every business with a tax liability pay. We all need to pay our fair share to ensure that the country's tax system is working properly, and to ensure that our country has the money they need to survive and thrive. No person or company, no matter how big or small, should be able to get away with not paying taxes.

  • Big firms can afford to pay their taxes and it not hurt the firm

    The larger firm has the capital and the means to pay their taxes without hurting the firm. The smaller firms struggle to pay high taxes with less capital and with businesses that are barely surviving because the economy makes it hard for the smaller businesses to survive. If small business has to pay and survive so should the larger firms.

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