Is it important for people to be aware of current events in countries other than their own?

Asked by: cheyhwi
  • For us and allies.

    Fact is, What happens in other countries can and often does effect us and/or our allies. Obviously our own safety is important but so is the safety of our allies as we rely on them as well. Look at WWII as an example. It started with our allies but it worked it's way to our doorstep. Had we acted right away to defend our allies, Instead of waiting till Pearl Harbor, We could have helped end it much sooner and with fewer lives lost. Today, Our allies have similar foes as we do like Isis.

  • It is important to know what is going on in different countries.

    And there are few reasons why such an information can be useful: everyone needs to understand the level of technological progress in the world, which gives to a person an opportunity of choosing the place to live and understand strengths and weaknesses of your own country; if we are talking about governmental policy, we can see how this policy works in the other country and maybe use it in ours or just take into account their experience.

    Posted by: Alg
  • There is no benefit in knowing about such events

    (please help me think of points for opposition :/// )
    Events occurring outside the country in which one resides are not important to the individual, because he is not directly involved in the event. Thus, there is no benefit in knowing about the event because such knowledge does not impact them in any way. Events within the country are more likely to affect us, in that such events hint to us potential gains and losses we may experience. For example, it is regarded as important for people to know about governmental policy in their own country, because such policies are directly tailored towards them and would necessarily affect them.

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