Is it important for regular people to follow the stock market closely?

  • Yes average joes should follow the stock market

    It is important for regular individuals to follow the stock market. Even if not actively investing in the stock market, at least taking some interest in it is important. People tend not to connect how important it is to everyday life because of it's impact on our economy. Watching it and following the trends can give people a gauge on where our economy has been, is, and possibly headed.

  • The stock market shows how businesses are doing not how average people are living.

    The economy can do well in many ways. But, the robust condition of the stock market shows how those who have stocks might make a profit. Job growth and what kind of jobs are being created are important. Inflation and cost of living effect people much more important. Also, the difference between income is also crucial.

  • Regular people don't invest in the stock market

    The stock market has investors watching the numbers closely, but most regular people aren't paying attention. The economic divide in America has people more worried about where their rent money will come from instead of the day-to-day trading. As so much emphasis is put into the stock market, the reality is that most people aren't impacted by this market on any level.

  • No, it's not important for people to follow the stock market.

    The only useful thing about following the stock market is to find out how the companies who are ruining the world are succeeding economically. It is a veritable who's who of criminals, many of whom are using innocent individuals money to fund their crimes. People like Jamie Dimond write the laws, and their success is written in the market numbers.

  • No, the average Joe has little need to follow the stock market.

    This country was founded in part on values of socio-economic mobility: if you work hard, the idea goes, then you should be rewarded for your efforts with movement up the socio-economic ladder. While this ideal may sometimes be possible in certain sectors of US society, the stock market is likely not one of them. This is especially apparent in the wake of the many insider trading scandals that have rocked Wall Street. The message seems to be, if you're not already one of us, don't bother trying.

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