Is it important for Republican presidential candidates to take a positive stand on climate science and the so-called greenhouse effect?

  • Facts are facts not politically-based opinions

    Climate science is a hard science that provides solid, evidence-based facts supporting a theory. It has been proven by this hard science that there are precautions that everyone must take in order to create a more sustainable life and to, at the very least, slow down the greenhouse effect. Regardless of which political party you're supporting, the facts are they and they are real and everyone in authority positions, such as these presidential candidates, should be doing whatever in their power they can to show people how to take a stand.

  • Save Our Planet

    Republicans seem to put ecological and environmental issues on the back burner when it comes to their political views and opinions, and I think that needs to change. If they continue to ignore it, then one of these days we aren't going to have a planet to preside over. So we need to worry about this issue a whole lot more.

  • Everyone, including Republicans, should take a stance on climate science.

    Climate change is currently one of the most pressing issues facing the planet, and it's about time Republicans start seeing it as fact. Denying climate change will do nothing but allow mankind to continue destroying our beautiful planet, and allowing this to happen is inexcusable. It's about time Republicans take a stand and do something to help save our planet.

  • No, republicans do not need to take an environmental stand

    No, republicans do not need to take a stand on environmental science or so-called greenhouse effect. The majority of people do not associate these issues with the republican party in either a negative or a positive way. Environmental issues are more closely associated with the green party. Therefore, people strongly interested in these will probably not be concerned with the republican stance.

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