• Yes, students should know formal grammar.

    I definitely think that it is important for students to learn formal grammar. I do not see why anyone would argue this. Formal grammar is important for a lot of people in terms of speaking in the real world and professional business place. I also think that students should writer papers like them as well.

  • Yes it is important

    Yes they need to learn formal grammar because once they are out of school if you can't spell and pronounce words correctly in a job interview that employer will not want to hire you. The slang is good for sometimes but formal grammar is way more important than you think.

  • Poor grammar suggests lower intelligence

    With the development of the Internet, cell phones, and the like, the world has become an increasingly digital -- and text-based -- place. Now, more than ever, it is important for students to learn formal grammatical rules so as to not come off as unintelligent, whether it be in personal or professional relationships.

  • Needs to be a standard

    All forms of language can be considered valid if a fairly broad set of criteria are met, but formal and proper grammar are important in order for people to demonstrate their ability. While grammar might not seem important to some, a common standard is needed in order for students to demonstrate they can perform at a certain level.

  • It is good to have the basics down

    I just came across an interesting poll from the BBC. More teachers like students that work out the grammar rules themselves, than writing like a book. They rather their students focus on the content of what their writing, instead of getting bogged down with where every little comma, in every little spot goes. I have to say I agree.

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