Is it important that your job improves others' lives?

Asked by: Shlo
  • In a way all of our jobs improve others lives

    All we do is serve people. If you clean the floor, you get a pay check. If you sell a car you get a paycheck. In a way both parties are contributing in their own unique way. The casual labours are in charge of cleaning the floor and cleaning other equipments. That improves the lives of the other employees as they can work in a clean working-environment. The car sales-man earns money by selling cars to the buyers. If he sell a car to the person-A. Person-A can enjoy a ride with his family and the sales-man get a pay check.

  • No, it is not important that my job improves others' lives.

    Only two things matter about my job. The first is that I get a pay check and the second is how big it is. Anything else is irrelevant to me. If I never have a positive impact on anyone that is fine by me as long as I'm getting paid.

  • No not really

    My job is out to make a profit not simply improve the lives of others. If it wanted to be in the business of that it would simply be a charity organization and it is not something like that. However, when major things come up they do time to time donate.

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