• Yes, it starts the day off right.

    Yes, it is important to eat breakfast every day, because eating breakfast is important for good nutrition. People who eat breakfast weigh less. Eating breakfast starts the metabolism. Eating breakfast is important because it wakes up a person and starts the day off right for healthy eating. Breakfast also helps a person start off mentally in a productive way.

  • It is important to eat breakfast everyday

    Breakfast is an important part of the day as it is important to eat something after not eating all night and to keep you going until lunch. Starting the day with a healthy meal is also a good way to keep a child focused during school and an adult awake and aware for work.

  • Not that important

    If you have a filling dinner then there is no need to recharge in the morning because you are already recharged with sleep and food. You can have a snack for morning tea and drink lots of water. Not having breakfast is not a bad thing. It helps decrease the amount of food you eat everyday.

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