• Yes it is

    Yes because it might be a very rare antique that you have that was passed down from generation to generation. It could be a great sense of comfort for you if you loved that person and every time you look at that item it reminds you of that person in such a way that it brings happiness to your soul and heart.

  • Yes, it is important to hold onto family heirlooms.

    Though society can often times overemphasize the importance of material goods, heirlooms have a purpose and are worth saving. They are a link to the past and a reminder of your family's roots. Throwing away an heirloom that your ancestors cherished would be the equivalent of burning an old photo album simply because you aren't in any of the photos.

  • If You Want To

    I believe some people find family heirlooms to be very valuable. This can be a matter of sentimental value and in other cases, due to its age, it can be a market value as well. I have a bed room set that was handed down to me from my uncle. It was originally owned by my great grand parents, people I never had the opportunity to meet. I find these things are valuable to me, but they're really not valuable outside of that feeling.

  • It is who we are.

    Yes, it is important to hold on to family heirlooms, because it is important for us to remember where we came from. We can learn about our families by studying the things that were important to them. By having an heirloom, we can work harder to want to make our ancestors proud.

  • No man lol

    No because why hold on to something that it is going to remind you of them every time you look at it . Why keep something like that it is garbage and old soooo...... Why lmfao that is just stupid and lame asl for my opinion okay lol lol lol

  • Nah it isn't

    Because they are dead family members, and i don't seem to care bout the heirlooms to be honest i don't find it significant because it doesn't relate to who i am today.Therefore, i dont think it is something important to me. So yeah thats my opinion on family heirlooms. So yeah

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