• This knowledge could help us to better care for our pets and understand animals.

    While it may seem trivial, knowing what cats think about people could help to aide in improving care for our pets. Knowing what cats think about people could also lead to research into what other animals think about people, and how that impacts the way we live with and interact with different animal species.

  • We already know

    Cats are very upfront about their feelings for their human friends. If they like you they will go out of their way to make some kind of physical contact with you, even if it is just to rub up against your leg. if they don't like you they will avoid you like the plague.

  • The thoughts of cats are unimportant

    Cats are popular as internet memes and the stars of millions of videos on YouTube. As popular as they are, however, I don't think it's critical that we know what they think about us. Cats are good for entertainment value but I believe that it's unnecessary to deepen our relationship with them.

  • It's not necessarily life changing.

    Cats are strange creatures to begin with. People are really stupid when it comes to cats. At the end of the day these are animals who want to live their lives and I'm pretty sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that cats do not like it when you mess with them, make them wear stupid clothes, or pull stupid pranks on them. They were not meant for that kind of servitude so I don't think we really need research to find that out.

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