Is it important to speak a second or third language?

  • It helps you examine your biases

    Learning a second language creates "psychological distance" between yourself and the words allowing for more objective that is to say more unbiased (pure objectivity is impossible) thoughts. It can help you look at things from different angles. My advice is to learn not just one foreign language but 3 or even more than that.

  • In today's globalized community, it is crucial to speak more than one language.

    Society is moving toward globalization. Technology makes it easier for people of multiple nations to interact frequently. Corporations are also establishing satellites in nations in which manufacturing is less expensive than in the United States, which has led to an increase in the number of international work environments. Because of this movement toward diverse work environments with a variety of nationals working together on a regular basis, it is important that people learn a second or even third language.

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