• People would never accept it.

    Personally, I wish it were possible to ban guns, but I do not think it will ever be possible to ban guns in America due to the fact that they right to own them is in the constitution and all laws go back to the constitution. People would get too angry over it and throw a fit about how their constitutional rights are being violated.

  • It's against the basic constitutional rights.

    The founding fathers specifically stated in the constitution that all Americans have the right to bear arms, and any state or president trying to do so is breaking a very specific law. That's all the evidence I really need. To disclose some arguments, such as slavery as an example, the constitution stated that all men were created equal, so it was politicians and others who were in fault, but there were also no laws about slavery then and/or rights. There are now.

  • Yes it is impossible to ban guns in America.

    I think it is impossible to ban guns in this country mainly because this country was built on the fact that if the government was to get out of hand we would have our guns to protect us. I think weapons are needed but it needs to be in the hands of mentally stable people only.

  • Its impossible and dangerous

    America has more guns than people and a massive culture around guns to suddenly implement a gun ban could cause massive riots to a full civil war banning guns is a very dangerous thing to do it would take generations of widiling down Americas gun laws to be able to ban guns without widespread distress

  • ... Really guys?

    The second amendment states that every american has the right to own a weapon. As one of the original 10 amendments; it physically cannot change. Even if it could, we have become a society that is consumed in a gun culture. It has got so outrageous that people can own explosive weapons, military equipment such as tanks, and unorthodox weapons such as flame throwers. It may seem bad at first, but it really isn't. Most gun related offenses are committed with assault weaponry and handguns. Even with that slab of info, most of the offenses are committed by mentally unstable or corrupt people who make up a small majority of gun owners , but I digress. If the public demanded it 100%, and it were passed somehow, there will still be people who will do anything to keep the god given right, even if that includes buying guns from the black market or other sources. I will agree that gun restrictions and control for both civilians and police forces are overly flawed and ineffective, and need to be changed for the better. However, that does not warrant a full ban on weapons.

  • Too many firearms in existence already

    It's near impossible to control firearms already. There are thousands and thousands of firearms in civilian ownership. Not to mention, the US is a significant producer and exporter of firearms. The net worth of the firearms industry in 2017 is about 31 Billion Dollars and it's only getting larger. This amount is a contributor to the GDP. "It's all about money"; as long as weapons are in demand, they will be produced and sold. Why would the government want to lose that revenue? Even if the 2nd Amendment to the constitution was overturned, there may be armed conflicts when the law were to be enforced. What kind of chaos are we willing to see? Also when considering this, we have to remember the private manufacture of firearms and ammunition as well as the sale of those items to contribute to an already vast black market. We can use the prohibition era as an example of this. Firearms will never be completely banned on this planet.

  • Yep because they think its still cowboy days

    The Yanks will forever believe its cowboy days, yeehaw. Why don't they give them a horse and cowboy suit, talk like a cowboy then it will make more sense for gun laws. They are deluded to believe guns are for protection. What for shooting someone? Its the same as using a gun to attack.

  • Yes but America is too stupid

    Just because it's in the constitution doesn't mean it can't be changed to cater to the 21st century. If we see that there is an issue brewing with gun usage then it needs to be addressed. We live in a world where gay marriage is becoming legal now. I'm pretty sure something as important as reducing the mass murder and shootings is worth considering. "Guns don't kill people, gun control does" is one of the most stupidest things I have read on a sign during an American protest. The whole world is looking at America in disbelief right now.

  • Will never happen in our lifetime

    America was born based on guns and freedom. Most Americans feel if you take their guns, you take their freedom therefore will probably die fighting for both. The only way I ever see it happening is America being invaded and taken over by another country. But then again that might never happen either since other countries know Americans are armed.

  • It's Completely impossible

    Whether you support a gun ban or not, you have to admit that it is simply physically impossible to ban guns in America. There are already thousands of gun laws in place- if we wanted to tighten up security involved in guns than all we would have to do is enforce existing laws. But we just keep on making new ones instead. Anyway, even if the President did pass a law tomorrow banning all guns, the FBI kicked all our doors in and confiscated them, there would still be the black market. There would still be criminals who will find a way to get a gun. What do we have then? We have a disarmed population (who the government can manipulate in any way they want, might I add) who are now perfect targets for those criminals who are the only ones with weapons.
    So no, it is impossible to ban/eliminate all guns from America.

  • THINGS ARE POSSIBLE UNLESS WE MAKE IT!! Guns are no good for anyone so why have it?

    SO MANY YOUNG LIVES,SO MANY INNOCENT LIVES ARE JUST LOST.....Every single day. WHY? Are we just sitting here and doing nothing to make this place,more LOVING and less hate.Stop acting so ignorant and open your eyes.Yea sure you dont really give a fuck intill it happens to you its when you start acting, but why,wait. I know everyone, loves someone everyone has at, least one person theres always that one person you love with your heart,cant say no.If your reading this, do something, be positive,love people stop, with the fucking hate thats the cause if so much lives lost. KILLING,HATING THIS ARE OPTIONS AND THIS GUNS ARE JUST SET FREE FOR CRIMINALS TO COME AND OWNNNN PEOPLES LIFES. This got 2 stop---i am 14 by the way and i want to change my generation making it different cuz yes it is possible hate it or not,it is.Everything its a choice lets make love each other♡♡♡♡♡

  • 2nd Amendment States that...

    The 2nd Amendment states the right to bear arms. You cannot change the first 10 amendments . People say yes, but there can't be a reason. They put their own ideas of why not. They seem scared because there has been multiple, yet alcohol tops over for the most deaths.

  • No its not possible because its part of our culture and they save lives with no problem

    Guns don't hurt people, people hurt people
    they just don't realize that guns are our heroes and that they are the reason why America is the worlds most superpower and if it weren't for our freedom of owning guns then we would been dead and the isis would made women as slaves. Democrats are the ones who are racist

  • Not in my lifetime but it will happen.

    At this point in time and probable in the next 100 years it will be impossible. They will just make it hard and hard to get weapons/ammo and edventualy it will be impossible to get any weapon/ammo. Just a matter of time till they ban it. I hope I'm 100% wrong.

  • The goverment workers wouldnt want to

    Ecspecially in small towns like the one i live in the cops here would much rather fight againts the federal goverment then try to take the firearms of their neighbors family and friends. Plus anybody could just shoot whoever they send to take americans guns. It just wont happen ever.

  • Gun Bans in America Are Possible

    If us humans try our hardest, anything is possible. Guns are taking the lives of too many innocent men, women, and children, so it's time we put a ban on the destructive weapon. The second ammendment was created at the time because there wasn;t enough protection against the Spanish and England. Now, we have a large police force to protect us, so put down your guns and walk away.

  • It is improbable, but not impossible.

    While I think it highly unlikely that guns will be banned in America, I do not think it is entirely impossible. I think the laws would need to be passed gradually, to slowly eliminate the number of weapons owned by private citizens, and I think the government would need to give very good reasons. I do not think it will happen without the gun lobby/NRA having politicians in their pocket.

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