Is it impossible to be a good parent and have a successful career at the same time?

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  • It is impossible to be good at work and home. Each person has to choose: to be the best either at work, or in family.

    Nowadays, in most families both parents work and at the same time, their children get enough care from their parents. But, it is well-known that if both parents have important position at work, they have to work hard to support and satisfy their position. In such cases they have not enough possibilities to give their children sufficient care and love.
    Yes, some people can argue, saying that there are many people who lead the best companies and still considered as a good parent. Today, there are many families whose capital allows them to employ special teachers to support their children's studies, to employ nannies who will take care of their children. I think, only thanks to such helpers, "busy" parents still considered as good parents.

  • Completely impossible to be "all-rounded" parents

    I hate to say that it is important, at least for normal person. And I feel really sad for those kids whose parents are "raising" money not children.
    I fully understand some children who go astray when they grow up because of their parent absence at the early age. Sometimes, no, for most of the time, what children trully needed is not only good parenting, they also need a "sensation" brought by spending time or playing with their dad or mom. Or let me put this way, hiring a nanny will never heal the trauma, never ever!

  • Important part of being a role model

    My dad always went to work and my mum stayed at home. My dad earned all the money to support the family. I respect my dad immensely for his willingness to sacrifice so much of his time and energy, and to take charge and be a provider. My mum just stayed at home all day. She did some nice things sometimes, but never really had to do anything especially arduous because my dad was taking care of the finances. She never even got an advanced degree because she didn't need one to work, and the difference in intelligence did kind of show. Growing up I respected her less than my dad, because she didn't challenge herself as much. My dad was the more effective parent because he provided an example of professional success as well as personal character. I hope to live up to his example through competence and dedication. If I wanted to live up to my mum's example all I'd have to think about would be who to marry.

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