Is it impossible to criticize America or an American ?

Asked by: Ehzan
  • For a Perfect Society

    Criticizing our beloved government would be blasphemy. The government is perfect and any such "criticisms" would be lies. Anyone who criticizes (A.K.A. Treason) the government should be publicly executed to set an example of bad behaviour. Curfews, CCTV Cameras, and armed police officers should be rampant to prevent such treason.

  • They wont listen

    No one would accept that some country might be better at something than america and its not being anti american it's just going with the facts and how we can follow others example and make America better. Its ironic that some americans would just angry when you say that it is impossible to criticize america !

  • Of course it isn't

    One of the easiest things to criticize the government about is healthcare. Whether you agree with the Affordable Care Act or not, the U.S. is ranked 38th in the world in terms of the quality of health care we provide, according to the WHO in 2000. Countries like Argentina, Morocco, and even Saudi Arabia are ahead of us. For the country that's supposedly the "best", as a lot of Americans think, this is pathetic.

  • It is way to easy to criticize it!

    America has just made a complete mess of it's self so badly, that it would be really difficult not to laugh. First, we look at their "liberty", which is embarrassed by their heavy homophobia, past racism and their government's intense spying. Next, the wars: some started over oil (WMDs ring a bell), some started to only show dominance (the cold war was essentially America getting mad cuz they felt "threatened") and the rest, they bragged about how they won the whole thing (after WW1, they were insufferable about how great they were). Another thing is the terrible education system (which is sometimes religiously biased and the rest of the time is not up to standard). And there are so many examples of their ignorance (their FAIR treatment of Japan in the Treaty of Amity and Commerce) Need I go on....

  • No, it is not impossible.

    Not only is it not impossible but I think it happens too much. Americans somehow manage to simultaneously think that their country is the best country and that their country is going to the dogs. There is a huge divide in the country where the republicans think that the democrats are ruining it and the democrats think that the republicans are ruining it. A different example is how American's treat their leaders, many people who don't agree with the actions of President Obama have dropped his title and just call him Obama. It does not matter if you disagree with what he does or not. He was elected as the leader of America and unless he is impeached his position demands respect. It is as if Americans are loosing their morale yet still believe that they are the best.

  • Unless you're talking about Dakotans, who are steeped in bigotry, no

    But then again, it's not America, but about the race in general. Otherwise no. America is a decent country. Just avoid some of the Midwest, where there are still Sundown Towns. Otherwise, this country isn't disagreeable. America does it's best to be a democracy every day. So there you have it.

  • We do it ourselves

    One of the good things about America can also be one of the bad things. It's possible to be what you want to be, thought at the same time someone in America is going to be intolerant of that. We critisize ourselves so why would anyone else have a problem with it? Though overgeneralizing us is is hard since most americans are differant. I'm not fat or white and I don't like out flag's design. Hahah

  • Of course you can

    We criticize out government all the time. As for the cartoon most of us aren't like that. And we use guns hundreds of thousands of times a year to prevent crime which is why we have less crime than England and other counties with more gun control. We come in all races, religions and political beliefs. Come visit here some day! We are very friendly especially in the midwest!.

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