Is it impossible to eradicate violence in the U.S.?

  • Legalisation of eradication of violence in the U.S.

    Yes, we first have to prohibit the example of violence in the screen, where children and youth can see it as a modus vivendi.
    Yes, we have to reduce the number of violent movies and video.
    Yes we have to prohibit violent video and pornography.
    It is possible to build a solid campaign against violence, like the insurance companies did against smoking. Violence's cost is a lot more important, in dollars, than the smoking problem.
    The majority of women, as mothers, will be more than happy to participate in a very serious and solid campaign against violence.
    I have never received a mail asking me to participate in a campaign against violence: I am receiving a minimum of 12 mails each day asking me to participate in frivolous campaigns for pets and others!
    Please, do something serious and solid and honest against violence in all kind (abuses, war, gang, drogues, crimes, and so on).
    Do not classify violence: violence is violence, and must not be tolerate anymore.

  • Yes, there will always be criminals

    It would be impossible to eliminate all violence. Even in countries where there are way harsher penalties than there is here, they still have violence. I think that we can reduce the amount we have by limiting the amount seen on television and heard in music. But we will never be able to make it go away completely

  • Humans' Tendencies Towards Violence is Natural

    Yes, I feel that completely eradicating violence in the U.S. (or for that matter, anywhere in the world) is impossible as humans are naturally geared toward conflict and violence when the right situations arise. Humans are also highly compassionate and rational, but that does not mean we can always overcome the urge to become violent when we feel we or our loved ones are threatened in some manner.

  • Yes, and the entire world as well.

    As long as humans feel emotions such as malice, greed, envy, fear, etc. toward their fellow man and possess the means to express them physically there will always be individuals who commit acts of violence. Enacting more laws that attempt to suppress violent acts in addition to widening the scope of which acts are considered violent (such as speech) only leads to further aggression which can be seen with the current prison recidivism rates and prison gang violence. Rather than instituting further violent policies that beget violence, education and understanding might be a better path to sustainable peace in the future.

  • Impossible to Eradicate Violence

    With violence everywhere and with crimes soaring in a down economy, it is impossible to eradicate violence in the U.S. Even if punishments were twenty times harsher for each crime, it would be impossible to eradicate violence. Some people just get high on violence and there is nothing anyone can do to stop that. There are people on drugs who commit violent acts too. This means drugs would have to be eradicated first.

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