Is it impossible to have an iPad for every child (yes) or does the march of technology make having an iPad for every child inevitable (no)?

  • Yes, it's impossible to spend that much money.

    Yes, it's impossible to give every child an iPad. What's not impossible is to give every child a tablet of some sort. The iPad is the most expensive as tablets (as far as I know) so I'm not sure why anyone would even suggest that. However, a cheaper alternative might work.

  • Yes its possible

    Yes it is possible if every school would go and sell all of the textbooks to another Country they could recoup the costs of these text books to buy the Ipads for the students. I am sure they could get a nice hefty discount from Apple for as many as they would have to buy for each student and that would last the student the whole entire lifetime of the school. Then after you graduate you would turn your Ipad in and if the student looses it or breaks it mom and dad have to pay $1,000.00 because it is up to them to teach their child how to respect others properties.

  • They already do.

    The march of technology makes having an iPad for every child inevitable, because the children already all have laptops in school. The children have their school-issued laptop. Most of them already also have cellular phones. It is easier to do now that the prices have fallen for these types of technologies.

  • Why The Most Expensive

    I think its silly to shoot for a goal to provide every child with the most expensive table on the market. What's wrong with the cheaper options. Maybe we would be better off equipping our children with Chromebooks for the first time around. I think we have plenty of options, we should focus on one price point or one product.

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