Is it inappropriate to compare homosexuality with pedophilia?

  • You're kidding, right?

    How could anyone even consider comparing these two things? One involves sexual desires of under-age children, whilst the other is a desire for their own gender. Where are the similarities there? Homosexuals are just like heterosexuals, except they were born preferring their own gender instead of the opposite gender, so to compare that to a sick, sick person who likes young children is incredibly wrong and absurd.

  • Absolutely Inappropriate

    It is completely wrong to compare homosexuality with pedophilia. Homosexuality is the romantic love and sexual attraction between two consenting people. Pedophilia involves children, and children cannot provide consent. That makes all the difference in the world. It is what makes one a healthy expression of love and sexuality and makes the other a predatory act.

  • Wrong and hurtful to compare.

    This comparison seems to link the two; it commends homosexuals into a label of criminality. The two are no more linked than heterosexuality and paedophilia. It is offensive and harmful to compare someone's sexual orientation to sexual abuse. We live in a world where in Iran homosexuals are executed but a man is able to marry his adopted daughter and while she is as young as 13 years. How is this comparison at all appropriate?

  • It is very wrong!

    I don't understand how anyone could even think to compare homosexuality to pedophilia. Homosexuals are the same as heterosexuals. Both people in the relationship love one another, the only difference is that heterosexuality is between 2 people of the opposite sex and homosexuality is between 2 people of the same sex. Pedophilia is when someone sexually takes advantage of children. It's an illness and homosexuality is a natural thing. To be honest, I shouldn't have to sit here typing this, it should just be known.

  • They're totally different things!

    Homosexuality is simply a matter of two people of the same gender loving each other. No one but those two people are all that affected by it, certainly no one is affected by in negatively. Pedophilia negatively affects children as they often don't understand why what the pedophile is doing is wrong. It involves sexual acts being done against a child's will.

  • Homosexuality is natural; pedophilia isn't

    Homosexuality is an orientation. Paedophilia is an abuse of power. Rape is no orientation. If we follow the logic of comparing homosexuality and paedophile, then heterosexuality and rape should also be compared and called the same. Sexual abuse can occur with any human being at any age and of any or no gender. It doesn't classify it as an orientation.

  • Open your eyes, people.

    The only difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality is that one involves two people that have a romantic or sexual attraction to those of the same gender. Switch one word in that sentence and I just described straight people. If the question was, "Is it inappropriate to compare heterosexuality with pedophilia?" all of the answers would say "yes" all because of heterosexuality.
    What relation does pedophilia have with homosexuals? Just because people of the same gender like eachother that makes it more likely to involve pedophilia? Even though so many, many old men have sexually harassed young boys/girls than it's even fair to compare to homosexuality?
    Homosexuality has no relevance to pedophilia. None.

  • Extremely absurd to compare

    Homosexuality involves two consenting adults who decide to have some form of relationship. No one is hurt. Pedophilia involves an adult, or rather a predator, who has a sexual attraction to a child. A child that cannot legally perform any sexual acts. A child that cannot make his/her own decisions yet. And a child that can easily be taken advantage of and manipulated. A child gets their innocence taken away.

  • Wrong very wrong

    Yes it is indeed wrong to compare homosexuality to pedophilia, not only does homosexuality have nothing to do with prepubescent children it also doesn't bring in the attraction at all! One, pedophilia consists of the sexual attraction to small, under-aged, prepubescent children. Homosexuality consists of being attracted to the same gender as ones self. Where in this does it say that homosexuals are attracted to small children at all?

  • Absolutely.

    Homosexuality and pedophilia are completely and radically different, and the two should not be compared in any way. The main difference between homosexuality and pedophilia concerns the willing consent of the individuals involved. Children who have not reached sexual maturity are not able to consent to sexual acts, and therefore are being taken advantage of by pedophiles. They are having their innocence taken from them at an early age, which will ultimately affect their sexual identity and relationships later in life. On the other hand, homosexual sex between two consenting adults, who have both reached sexual maturity, is no better or worse than any other form of consensual sex.

  • Pedophilia is the new homosexuality

    If you're a homosexual and you actually believe that pedophilia is wrong and think that there is a GREAT gap between these two..... Then I am ashamed of you. Pedophiles are being bashed nowadays, parents dragging their children away from this 'disease' like the plague and some pedos just sit there looking at their hands thinking "Why was I born like this?" This is like looking into a mirror. Homos were treated the same way by the heteros and now as they go up the charts of being acknowledge they bash on the next 'abnormal' thing. Pedophiles are being treated like a disease, just like the homos. People telling them to go get help, just like the homosexuals. One likes the same gender, the other likes children. Both can have rape and both can give others a happy life. Don't restart the cycle you pedophobes.

  • No it's not

    I do not understand why children can't consent.People say it's not okay for an older person to have sex with under 18 years old.But it's society acceptable for individual under 18 years old themselve to have sex younger person.So basically the think it's ok 16 years old to have sex with 12 years old.

  • Of course not!

    Homosexuals, just like pedophiles, are deformed. They are completely different to most normal people, as are pedophiles. Sex is to create more people to populate the Earth: to save humans from extinction! Two men cannot create a child, two women cannot create a child and an adult and a young child cannot create another child. It is not inappropriate because they do have similarities! Is it respectful, however, is another issue.

  • Nope, not at all.

    If the only criterion for a relationship is that all partners are willing, what makes pedophilia so taboo? A child and an adult can "love" each other, can't they? As long as the child knows what sex is and is rational enough to make decisions for his or herself, how would their relationship with an adult be any different than that of two homosexuals? The logic that is used by the LGBT community to fight for rights can be applied to pedophilia just as effectively. If your beliefs are logically consistent, you either support no deviations from traditional heterosexual relationships or you are okay with all deviations (including polygamy, incest, etc.) At their core, homosexuality and pedophilia are very similar - they are relationships between two human beings who have strong affection for each other. Keep in mind that 100 years ago, homosexuality was just as taboo as pedophilia is today. Saying something is "weird" or "just not right" is no longer a valid argument in today's society. Does this mean that pedophilia should be accepted? Of course not. And, to stay logically consistent, I conclude that homosexuality should not be accepted either. And there's another similarity- they both are relationships no one should have.

  • You can compare anything

    You can compare a car to a house, you can compare a door knob to a wooden spoon, you can compare a zoo to an orange, you can compare a snake to a tea pot. Whatever you are comparing, you will always get results. So if you're comparing a car to a house, you will clearly see the differences and similarities. So if you can compare anything to anything, why can't you compare homosexuality to pedophilia?

  • They are very similar sexual dysfunctions

    Both are sexual dysfunctions that result in sexual attraction to people who you could not possibly have children with, so they are inherently similar

    Obviously not all gay people are pedophiles, but as you would expect there is a large overlap. Gay men are approx twice as likely to be pedophiles as strait men

  • Yes, they are both the same, because they are both unnatural and disgusting attractions.

    Pedophila and homosexuality are the same at heart. They are both unnatural and both cause harm. For pedophila, it's a scarring that the child will remember for the rest of their life and for homosexuality, it's spreading aids and getting STDs. Neither one is fun, and the two should be compared to each other.

  • Homosexualism, Pedophilia, Besiatiality are identical in their core

    The only difference between the two is that the child supposedly cannot consent due to being not mature enough. By this logic retards should not be allowed to have sexual encounters, since many children are often smarter than the supposedly "mature" adults. Bestiality falls into the same category. As long as the animal is happy with what the person is doing - everything is fine. It is not - it can easily kill or badly wound the person, in other cases - its animal abuse.

  • Yes, neither of the two are chosen by the individual.

    To say that they aren't would mean to suggest that they have no commonalities with homosexuality. That would make for a broken argument as research has shown that not only are pedophiles linked to similar genetics of homosexuals, but that it may also be a form of mental impairment or other brain problems.

    We can't forget that the reason we accept gays is because it wasn't their choice the way they were born. It should apply to other situations such as pedophilia since pedophiles choose to be pedophiles as much as a gay person chooses to be gay or an autistic person decides to be autistic.

  • Based on My Opinion

    Both issues are related in that they are disorders or mental illnesses, depending on your perspective. Despite the politically incorrect view of this stance, both conditions are deviations from normal human attractions and physiological functions and purposes. Both could be interpreted as human sexual disorders or deviations, despite the politically-motivated views of the American Psychological Association.

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MasturDbtor says2013-05-03T23:13:48.010
This question can not be answered without first clarifying compare in what way?
PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-14T18:29:35.803
No if someone's gay that means they like the same sex. Pedophillia is liking kids, being a pedo is wrong, but there's nothing wrong with being gay.