Is it irresponsible for women over 50 to have babies?

  • Yes the poor child

    Has anyone spoken to the kids the these people? I have and almost all of them are resentful, Some actually hate their parents. One friend of mine always complained his parents couldn’t even throw a baseball or kick a ball with them. Kids want to do things with their parents if your 70 when they are 10 how are you going to run around all day? You maybe in shape now but age take a toll there’s no avoiding it. Think of the child not yourself. That’s what makes a great parent. You aren’t thinking of your child if you are having them so late. There’s a reason our bodies stop producing eggs. . . . Listen to nature.

  • Everyone has the right

    People have the right to become a father or a mother, h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h my names Brendan h h h h

  • Yes it is at least very unwise.

    It's the potential child who matters, not what the potential mother wants. Some of my adult children's friends have struggled to cope as their older, much-loved parents get increasingly frail and dependent. They have lost much of their childhood and young adulthood through worry about their parents' health and well being. It's not about judging other people, it's about thinking is it fair that a child's parent has a very good chance of dying before the child is 30, or at least needing the sort of care that children of younger parents don't normally have to worry about until they are middle aged themselves. Someone might still feel full of energy at 50 but will they still feel that way at 60 or 65? Yes, some young parents die well before their time and some older ones go on for ages in good health but these people are the exception, not the rule.

  • Yes, very much so.

    In addition to the risks associated with pregnancy at an advanced age to both mother and child, one has to consider the stress and anxiety this will put on the children of these woman. Once these children reach 10, most will realize the difference between their mother and those of peers. The child will be ridiculed by peers for having a elderly mother, have to live with the anxiety that they will lose their mother so much sooner than peers etc. not to mention when these children are in their prime of life they will be forced into to worrying about an ailing mother whom chose to put them through this. I'm sorry but this is just so selfish and wrong. I was born to an older mother and while she always loved me and I her, I always resented her for having me so late in life. I never told her for fear of hurting her but it was always how I felt.

  • Yes, it is irresponsible for women over 50 to have babies.n

    I believe that it is very irresponsible for women over the age of 50 to have babies. Giving birth at such at advanced age can cause complications for the woman and child. The risk of birth defects, especially Down's Syndrome, skyrockets. Worse is that a middle aged woman is around much younger women at parks, schools, etc. If a woman who is 50 has a baby, she will be 60 when the kid is ten! She will be confused with grandparents, which what a woman at 60 should be, not a parent.

  • It's more selfish than irresponsible.

    It is extremely irresponsible. Not so much because of birth defects but because of the social issues there will be later on in life. The point of raising a child is to get him or her geared up for the outside world, college, to start a family. This all gets put to a halt because by the time that child is in his 20's, the mother will be in her 70's. They will be raising this child to basically take care of them the rest of your lives.

  • Yes, it is irresponsible

    I do believe that it is irresponsible for women over 50 to have children, as it is putting their health and the baby's health at risk. I think that surrogacy is a good option if children are wanted. Having children is a beautiful but challenging task and putting the child at risk is not fair. Also there could be psychological damage to the mother if she has a miscarriage.

  • Yes, it is irresponsible for women over 50 to have babies.

    Yes, I believe that it is irresponsible for women over 50 to have babies. Although having a baby can be a life-changing experience, even for women that have already had other children, there are certain risks that an expectant mother should never take. Having a baby over the age of 50 can be compared to a young woman drinking heavily during a pregnancy. The reason is that when a woman gets to be 50 years old, her body cannot always handle the stress that a pregnancy puts on her, and not only will she be endangering the baby's life, she is endangering her own.

  • Yes - The Child Suffers

    Yes, it is irresponsible for women over 50 to have babies. Many people feel as long as the woman is in good health, having a child when she is over the age of 50 is ok. But the emphasis should not be on the prospective mother’s condition – thought needs to be given to the child born to an older mother. Children born to these older mothers soon realize that their mothers are not like their friends mothers. They start becoming aware that their mothers are much older than their friend’s mothers and this can create emotional issues for children to deal with.

  • It's not good for the child

    The older a woman gets and the older she chooses to have a child, the more likely the child is to have congenital birth defects, which include heart valve malformations and under developed lungs. This is also increased when the male partner is over 50 as well. So i think, while its the woman's own body, she should think about the child she is giving birth to.

  • Life over death

    I was in a car crash a driver hit me head on. I was brought to the hospital and I discovered there that I was 14 weeks pregnant. I had gone through the change of life so I thought. I had know idea. I will be 50 in a couple of weeks. I have chosen to keep my baby. All the tests show that the baby is healthy.

  • Why does no one question older men having babies?

    More and more studies have shown that older fathers contribute equally to the chances of a baby being born with abnormalities. It takes two to make a baby. Sure women must carry the baby, but oftentimes risks are due to the health of the eggs AND sperm, not just the overall health of the mother.

  • No - ridiculous question

    If given the choice of being born into a loving home to older parent(s) or not being born at all - I know what I'd choose.
    Most women at this age would require donor eggs from younger women to have a baby. This significantly reduces the health risks to the child and mother. Research also shows that women under 55 who use donor eggs have very good pregnancy outcomes - probably due to the increased health screenings prior to fertility treatment etc.

  • Older is fine

    Not for nothing but older guys have children all the time and nobody has anything to say about their life expectancies. An older person who is healthy and capable can be a great parent. Within reason for both genders of course. Teen parents are far more worrisome to me. That's all.

  • Oldies can push 'em out, too!

    No! You should be able to have a child at whatever age. In fact, if you are older you are more likely to have a more stable life and be able to provide for your child more than a teenager having a child. As long as she consults with a doctor about the health issues, there is no reason why someone over 50 cannot have a child.

  • Good parenting is more important than age.

    If parents are healthy and it's ok via doctors advice, then it. Has to be better to have older sensible, financially secure loving parents than some feckless immature young parents. I was given up for adoption by my 18 year old mother in the 1960's, then adopted by a 36 year old abusive mother who wanted to play the role of mom without really being one. She caused me so much emotional pain. Give me a 50 year old giving loving normal mother any day!

  • No its not

    Because older mothers are more stable, have their priorities right and can raise a child to be self confident and mature. They are often better mothers because they dont buy into the baby myths. The children of older parents are often sensible, responsible and emotionally secure. As atested by the thousands of children who are raised by their grandparents.

  • No, it is called individual choice.

    Who died and made all you "yes" people judge and jury of the human race? I think that regardless of age if a couple is planning to have a child, they should discuss any risks with their health care providers. We live in a society that is so judgemental of others. I'm the mother of 5 children. Had my first child at 18, and my last at 43. All healthy. I thank God for them every day. Having a mis carriage at any age is psychological damaging. If a woman is healthy and capable and God blesses her with the life thats great. As far a the child suffering with emotional issues.. Are you kidding me??? I wonder how you feel about "gay" parents raising children... Oops, thats another debate

  • No it wouldn't be irresponsible.

    Pregnancy and childbirth are natural and God creates us with a window of time and if you get pregnant at 50 naturally, then it's natural. Are you supposed to kill your baby if you happen to get pregnant at 50? That would be irresponsible, not to mention murder. The answer seems obvious to me.

  • It is a womans right

    As long as the woman is fit and healthy i think it is a womens choice as she may be able to spend more time with baby and work balance.People should not be judged by age but by what they can give. When men in their 50s or older no one worries when he fathers children

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