Is it just me or 2015 feels like its going too fast?

Asked by: ClashnBoom
  • Time flies even when you aren't having fun

    It seems to me like this whole decade has gone by fast! The 2010s have been pretty lame we are half way through the decade and I still am not getting that 2010s vibe. Usually a decade has a sort of vibe to it but this one doesn't. I still haven't found out what the 2010's are all about.
    As for the year I agree with that too It seems like time is getting faster every year but that's what happens when you get older.
    Time goes by fast. Pretty soon we will all be dead. Dont let time slip through your fingers!

    "don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years" Iron Maiden's Wasted Years great song

  • Maybe for me

    2015 is running like fastest of all years for me. Its like few months back i was in my final year of graduation and now im up for my post graduation. Maybe because its exam oriented year for me or maybe i should realise that i am getting older lately.

  • It's going way too fast.

    I mean it's June already? I'm 19 already? It feels like just last week was January but now it's June!? What? I may just be me cause I'm getting older and my brain doesn't remember as much or whatever but it still feels like its too fast even for a now 19 year old. I think maybe it's because nothing very significant happened this year.

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ClashnBoom says2015-06-11T13:22:40.290
I don't know what category to put this in.
Forthelulz says2015-06-12T08:03:21.513
Try Philosophy.