Is it just me or has this winter been extremely long and cold?

Asked by: bothsidesguy
  • Same Thing Every Year

    For me living in the midwest it feels like a normal winter. The reason it feels like a long winter is when the south gets snow. The southerners are not used to the long winter. Last year we had snow in March... And I really don't want that to happen again. If it does that is nothing that I can to but stay inside and watch movies. Ugh

  • Nice and long

    Hopefully it lasts till may cause i hate the heat. Hot summers are the worst. My dream is to live in antarctica or the north pole. I dont understand how some people like it when its like 90 degrees out. All that does is make me hot, sweaty, and misserable.

  • For me it has.

    I guess everyone's tolerance of cold weather is at a different breaking point, but for me living in the northeast this is becoming a bit challenging now.So much for global warming! Counting the days until the vernal equinox.Winter is good to an extent, but courage comes with the sun! YUp.

  • Don't be a lil wuss

    A lil polar vortex gave a lil baby some frost bite huh? Just kidding bud. The winter has always been cold especially in February and takes a while to disappear. However, the winter is much stranger then previous years, there has been a lot of snow fall. Other than that, there will be warmer days coming very soon.

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