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Patriarchy and bias in the law.

  It seems biased, seeing as though rape is generally targeted at women. The way the law is now, it favors the rapist over the victim, the former usually being male and the latter female. Lay low long enough and your crime just goes away. It's a sprout from the tree of rape culture and male patriarchy that needs to be pruned. On the contrary, men have a greater chance of being murdered, but no statute of limitations on that.
Anonymous says2013-02-14T08:46:18.563
I agree. In fact, I have a friend who was date-raped in her early 20s. When she told her parents what happened, her father said he did not believe in rape. This story infuriates me even though I was not the victim. I know that he would change his mind if he were raped.
Quan says2013-06-15T02:45:37.077
I'm not sure how the law favors the rapist. The burden of proof has always been on the accuser, as it should be. (Also, stop spouting buzzwords and phrases like "rape culture" and "patriarchy.")
JZ42 says2013-06-18T02:48:28.730
Innocent until proven guilty. You seem more biased than anyone else.
BlahBlahgirl says2018-02-20T08:36:02.757
Actually, the law favors women over men when it comes to rape. If a man is raped by a woman, he is either "lucky", laughed at, or arrested even though he was the victim and not the rapist. If a man was falsely accused by a woman, he is always seen as a monster from the second he got accused to the end of his life. Even if the truth comes out that he was innocent, everyone will still side with the woman who lied and it is seen as a failure of the judicial system.

If a woman is raped by a man (or just says she was), she immediately gets sympathy, whether she was a victim or not. People side with her, whether she is a victim or not.

I'm not saying actual female victims don't have their own problems like victim-blaming and not being believed sometimes. But people know about it. People are fighting for them, as they should. But who fights for male victims? Nobody, because society paints men as pigs that want sex 100 percent of the time. Females complain about being slut-shamed, as they should. But men are slut-shamed by default.

Also, murder doesn't have statue of limitation because DNA evidence involved in the case doesn't easily go away. The victim's corpse in of itself is evidence. The victim can be identified by the teeth alone, even if it has decayed/been damaged by cause of death or desposal method.
In rape cases, once the victim washes majority of the DNA that could be used is gone.
BlahBlahgirl says2018-02-20T08:47:13.710
Also, if a man is raped by a woman and she becomes pregnant, he still has to pay child support to his rapist.
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