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I don't think it is OK to have a statute of limitations on rape, because people who committed it before there was a way to use DNA as evidence will get away with it, when they should be punished.

  There are many rapists who acted before we were able to properly test DNA and use it as evidence in court cases. We now can test evidence from old cases. But those rapists will still go free because of the statute of limitation. They should be punished so they don't rape again.
Fictional_Truths1 says2013-06-14T21:32:06.117
But isn't it reasonable to assume that if they haven't raped anybody for in a minimum of 30 years that they probably won't do it again?
Fictional_Truths1 says2013-06-14T21:32:25.460
I mean, DNA testing has been around for 30 years
JZ42 says2013-06-18T02:47:31.617
Because constitution demands a right to a speedy trail.
Fictional_Truths1 says2013-06-18T17:16:54.627
To be fair, JZ, this is the internet. Not everybody is from the U.S. I still agree with you though.
JZ42 says2013-06-18T18:49:30.480
True but it's not exactly an uncommon notion.
Fictional_Truths1 says2013-06-19T03:55:30.717
I know, I know. But it isn't always in the supreme law of the land. I still agree with you though, as I believe in the right to a fair and speedy trial.
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