Is it justified for a modern black person to treat a modern white disrespectfully, for events that happened more than 3 generations ago?

Asked by: Kital
  • Hear me out on this.

    The debate question isn't and shouldn't be this broad since the reason some black people today are disrespectful to white people for slavery (I take it that's what you're getting at with "3 generations ago") is simply because most white people refuse to admit it was wrong and/or hold the institutions made from that time period accountable and dismantle them. Now are black people saying the certain white person own(ed) slaves...No one is saying that but that fact that you can't understand that the systems and institutions built in the time of slavery are still upheld by white people and are considered the gold standard of what makes America great when in fact they keep minorities back is why white people get disrespected. Now do all black people know when calling white people out of their names for any reason the deepened reason for their hate and disrespect as I so put it? Most likely not but have you ever stepped out of your closed bubble and looked at things from their side of the table or do you just start ranting on about slavery ending generations ago?

  • Being black is not a free ticket to being an a-hole.

    Don't get me wrong, if someone treats you badly, you definitely should act accordingly. But disrespect the person, not the race. Just like not every black person is a criminal, not every white person is out to get us. I live by the belief that I will treat all people equally and not make a discrimination about who I disrespect. Doesn't matter what color your skin, hair or eyes are, if you're treating me bad I'll return the favor.

  • Here’s an alternate situation:

    Should white people be allowed to be disrespectful to black people because of what people of a similar skin color to them did to white people? Thats basically that argument, except I changed the skin colors. Liberals try to make everything about race, but it really isn’t. We are all people, which means we are all equal.

  • How can one be torn down for something they didn't do?

    Given that no one alive today was a slave and people almost universally see equality for all as one of our highest values in western culture, it seems ridiculous to even have to ask this question.

    Just as the person born into poverty has no control over what they start with, neither does the person born middle class, upper class, or whatever. Pure and simple, we have what we have.

    To start blaming people for historic ills you would have to at least be consistent and consider that the majority of black slaves were sold into slavery by other black people and the areas in the world today that still have slavery are the least white places on the planet. You would also have to give white people credit for resetting the system so everyone was equal as, if people had not wanted to grant equality back then it would not have happened. 20% of the population or less could not have overtaken the entire rest of the country.

    Bottom line, the very idea of blaming people for things their ancestors did is down right stupid.

  • It really depends

    I don't get into the racism stuff much, but it is not right judging a person based on race, ethnicity or history, no matter how much you want to or have been affected by it. Now, this could be acceptable for a "modern black person" to treat a "modern white" person this way, if the white person has already been disrespectful and judgmental towards said black person, I get it, it is not right. But if the black person is just hating on the white, because they are white, then that is not acceptable. Not trying to hate any ideas, just saying what I'm thinking.

  • Sins of the father arguement

    It is inherently unfair to judge someone on what their ancestors did. It is also unfair to assume that all Caucasian's in america have slaver ancestry. I did not own slaves, I did not own a plantation, so why blame me for something someone that happens to have the same skin color did?

  • Anyone can be racist

    If you treat someone differently, attack or abuse them because of their ethnicity that's racism, being black isn't a free ride.

    What happened in the past is the past, we need to look forward at the future and love one another. But the democrats see to love making everything about race!

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