Is it logical for the government to cut funding for nutrition and education programs?

  • Which government, state or federal?

    The states have traditionally handled education. The Feds didn't get involved till the 70's in any major way. The quality of our education system has dropped like a rock since then. Nutrition is important, but isn't that what food stamps and WIC are all about. Allow school nutrition programs to except food stamp vouchers and cut out the redundant and expensive duplication. Give states and local school boards the right to set curriculum again. We had the best public schools in the world when the control was local. Now they are just propaganda centers for big government.

  • No there is no logic in cutting the funding for nutrition and education programs.

    The decisions to reduce funding for nutrition (SNAP) and education (Pell Grants & student loans). Our children are the future of the United States. To deny them access to the nutritional food will hinder their growth put their health at risk. With out basic education funding workers who need have their skills upgraded won't be able to afford the cost of training.

  • No Government Logic Here

    From a short-term perspective, it makes perfect sense to cut funding for nutrition and education programs. It is easy to do, and kids can't vote right? Of course, as the population ages and has no idea what they are eating or how to take care of themselves, future health costs will skyrocket and be massively higher than the relative pittance of some school nutrition programs. Government logic, ladies and gentlemen!

  • cutting funds for nurtition and education

    No It is not at all logical for the government to cut funding for nutrition and education programs. Most of toady's society do not have enough information on proper nutrition and education. If they had better nutrition we would not need all these medical bills and those funding could be cut.

  • No not at all!

    We need that! Nutrition, education, medical funding! Cut money where we don't need it, there are several other things I could point out that we don't need as much funding for. But no, of course they will cut funding that will help the people, vs lowering their ridiculous wages and stuff.

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