• Life necessity but also a gift

    Why’s this even a Question of course everyone should learn to cook and bake it is a life skill.
    What do Humans have to do almost every day?
    The Answer is Eat and drink to survive!
    Yes you could go out every night or Depend on another
    to cook for you But what fun would that be cooking is fun and an art and if you going to eat which is not question but a given!
    So why not learn to cook!
    Then you get to eat what you like and let others enjoy what you have made.
    I have always cooked for my wife, And kids plus family and friends plus food brings people together.
    Male or Female young or old you will never regret learning how to cook!
    Well Better get Back to my cooking!

    Anybody for some Gumbo and Rice?
    Then maybe a nice fat Juicy Steak?
    With a baked potato and Grilled asparagus,
    and a chocolate mousse for dessert.
    As long as you can read a cookbook you can cook
    Not everything might turn not out as expected but we call that a part of life!

  • Coming from a man who thinks a woman's place is in the home yes

    So as stated before I do believe 110% that a woman's place is in the home cooking cleaning cuddling and teaching the kids etc. But this argument is not about that and does not concern women and their role in society and the family we know what it is no need to keep rehashing that can of worms

    instead I would like to call attention to the many manly reasons you might learn to cook

    you may be wondering "if cooking meals for the family is a woman's Job then why is it manly to learn to cook? " and that is a fair point but get your time machine because we are going to the 1990s to watch a show about the 1970s that 70s show if you have never watched it go do that and come back if you have you may remember in multiple episodes Eric's mom kitty gets upset and or sick and Red ( Eric's Dad) and Eric are left Hungary how does this tie into men should learn how to learning how to cook being manly? Self sufficiency you see being a man a true Man is self sufficient he does not rely on others to keep him from starving but instead lifts up himself and others around keeping himself and others safe from danger this is the essence of a man

    it also may be that ones wife may be tired after she spent all day caring for the kids and cleaning or that she has sustained injury to herself and so a mans duty is to sacrifice even his life for the protection of his wife this seems small in comparison and what if you just want to show her some appreciation?

    And if she is pregnant it seems to me she should not worry herself with getting dinner on the table

    none of this is to suggest that a woman's place is not in the home or that women shouldn't have to cook on the contrary I think women need to know there place but that doesn't mean that cooking can not be manly

  • No. It is manly to starve in the presence of any food except raw uncooked flesh.

    Hell no. A man must know the feel of the blood of a fresh kill dribbling down his chin even as the slain beast still dances out the last of its nerves on the ground before him. Fire's only purpose is to burn us, So that we may feel pain.

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Groot2025 says2021-08-03T23:34:04.763
Not only do I know how to cook. . . I can sew, Wash clothes, Iron, Keep house, Bake, Change a baby, Change a tire, Build a fence, Fix my truck, Lay cement etc. . Why would I want to be dependent on a woman for my food or house?

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