Is it medically responsible to rely on Hans Asperger's theories long after his death?

  • Yes to a point

    Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists are continuing to study developmental disorders. They are learning more about brain chemistry and how different people process sensory and other stimuli. Since Hans Asperger's theories formed the basis for modern autism research, it is medically responsible to rely on them somewhat, but with the awareness that research in this field continues changing and developing.

  • Yes it is medically responsible to give credence to Hans Asperger's theories.

    The majority of the English speaking world disregarded Dr. Hans Asperger's work and findings until long after his death. In the 1990s the medical establishment took notice of theories and conducted clinical research that validated his findings. Today Asperger's Syndrome, also known as Asperger disorder, is universally recognized as a medical condition in the autism spectrum of disorders. So it is medically responsible to accept his theories.

  • Yes and no.

    Yes and no because he could of been right and as far as we know he seems to be spot on, but I do not think we should stop any theories and continued observations of our own on the subject either. I think constant evaluation is how science improves and gets better.

  • Until better ones arise

    Somebody's theories aren't discredited simply because they've been dead a long time, Issac Newton has been dead for centuries but I'm still a pretty believer in gravity. Hans Asperger has had theories withstand the test of time so well because they haven't been found to have glaring faults in them, it's not wrong because it's old.

  • Children are over diagnosed.

    No, it is not medically responsible to rely on Hans Asperger's theories long after his death, because social workers have run with autism and Asperger's syndrome. Far too many children today are diagnosed. Scientists and physicians should be constantly reevaluating theories to see what can be added to the theory and to medical science.

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