Is it moral to genetically engineer our children?

  • A No Brainer

    Every parent wants their child to have good traits in order to survive in the world. Everyone wants to be smarter, funnier, or more talented. This will ensure that you become that way,before even coming into the world with those traits. People who object are slow to this conclusion. QED

  • Improves life quality

    Can prevent many diseases such as hereditary ones including mental disorders and cancers. Heart diesase risk can be reduced. Gives a head start to children in life. However there should be rules in place. If used in moderation can be great achievement for mankind. So geneteic engineering is morally right

  • They can be happier in life.

    Children are often teased for being fat or ugly or unintelligent, but if we GM them then we can ensure a happy life for our children, resulting in a lot less bullying. Meaning our children would be happy and isn't that what all parents want? Their child's happiness? I would.

  • Of Course

    Genetic engineering would allow us to consciously choose a better potential life for our progeny and widespread use would create a better version of humanity. Genetic engineering to reduce disease, increase intellect, reduce obesity, increase athleticism, reduce mental disorders, increase life span, and even one day adapt to harsher atmospheric conditions in combination with bio-mechanical augmentation will be the only way for humanity to keep step with the staggering pace of technological advancement.

  • Not Only Is It Moral; It Would Be Immoral Not To

    Soon genetic engineering of children will include the elimination of harmful diseases. It would be immoral to refuse your child treatment just because you feel it is "unnatural". The Supreme Court has ruled Jehovah's Witnesses can't withhold blood from their children because of their beliefs and hopefully in the future gene therapy will be mandatory. Gene therapy has the potential to create healthier children.

  • To protect our children.

    Children will be subject to the whims of nature just as we were and it is a goal of the parents to protect these children against the negatives in life. There is really no true reason beyond squeamishness to not protect children against diseases that could easily be prevented. Beyond that the addition of desirable traits such as intelligence will increase the total genetic value of our population as a whole. Of course there is the opposition that doing so is wrong but the fact of the matter is that it is happening anyways, human beings don't just stop evolving because it is a social moray to do so. People are still evolving and changing attempt to optimize and configure their genes into better configurations genetic engineering is simply a way of inflicting intellect upon that same genome and increase the speed at which evolution occurs. We have already turned our intellect on other problems such as disease, hunger, and even the animals we share living space with. And in doing so we have been able to form a more beneficial environment for all.

  • This is a no brainer

    There is absolutely no logical real reason any sane, well educated person can make against this. It should be automatically required by law for this to be done when conceiving a child. It ensures that they wont be born with any problems and will be healthy. I do not understand how anyone would want to leave this up to chance. Saying we have no right to play "god" is not a valid argument because religion has no place in any part of the medical field or government in that matter. If your so called "god" or whatever higher power you believe in didn't want us doing this then genetic engineering wouldn't be possible to begin with and I'm pretty sure it doesn't say anything about it being a sin or against god to genetically engineer our kids to be healthy and have no defects that could make life harder for them in the bible or any religious text for that matter.

  • We already do it, and why leave our future to chance?

    When we pick our sexual partners, we are implicitly endorsing a set of genetic characteristics. Picking characteristics from real people is similar to picking characteristics from a database - either way you are selecting a set of preferred genetic characteristics from a pre-existing pool.

    Also, not engineering our children puts them at risk of many genetic diseases and other risk (low IQ, for example) that they need not be subject to.

  • Better Future, Genetics, & Positive Probabilities

    Genetic modification can solve many problems, although one should not splice without knowledge and reason, genetics of children are better to manipulate as the body will form well from birth, and many negative genetics can be nullified.

    It would be beneficial for the child, but obviously caution must be taken, and testing must be done.

  • This is so stupid

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  • Whats the fun in being perfect?

    Personally, I think being flawed is the best part about humanity. Without mankind's flaws and minute imperfections, the world in its entirety wouldn't be as colorful. As for people saying that children are bullied for being "ugly" or "fat", I think that's essential to growing up in todays society. Bullying has made me a much stronger person, and I think it teaches kids to stand up for themselves as well as how to be comfortable in their own skin.

    Many have said that by genetically testing, we can see which children will have conditions such as Down Syndrome and Autism, and ultimately choose not to have these kids to prevent them from future "suffering". I think that's ridiculous. Have you ever met someone with Down Syndrome or Autism? They are the most loving people, and I think that they are put on this earth for a very special reason. Yeah, they may not be exactly like you or I, but they impact so many people's lives. On so many different levels. They are essential to society.

    Unique people are necessary for the world to survive.

  • Preserving the genetic code, protecting the children.

    When you genetically modify a human, you don't just affect them, you affect every generation which stems from them. Considering the complexity of DNA, we should not take this lightly. The consequences are not fully testable, the variables are endless. Consider GMO crops. Super weeds anyone? How about animal sterilisation? Sure, these are just some instances. However, in relation to human life, even some instances should be considered unacceptable.

    We must also be careful not to lose site of the value of human life in the discussion on genetic engineering. How many tests shall we do to perfect the process? How many children should be classified as experimental before we accept this as a norm? Proper scientific process would require such tests, it would require such sacrifices.

    These are just two issues. The issue of a polluted gene pool, and the inhumanity of the testing process that will be required to genuinely undertake a "safe" program of Genetic Modification of humans.

  • It is not moral to genetically modify children

    Using genetic modification to cure diseases and disorders is beneficial to parents, children, and society. However, using genetic engineering to create super-children with superior intellects and perfect features is wrong.

    Science and technology has its place in helping the human race. It should be used save lives and improve the quality of lives. Using scientific research to appease parent's vanity hurts us as a race.

    It will create divisions between the "master-race" and normal people. It takes funding from research that might cure HIV, cancer, or Parkinson's, and uses it to realize societies opinion of what a perfect child should be. Leaving the research of these diseases dependent on even more government grants and public donations.

    Not only does that leave the sufferers of diseases unaided, it says to the children of these parents that they couldn't have been good enough on their own.

    Genetic engineering is a great step on our journey to helping those in need. It shouldn't be wasted on vanity.

  • We should not play God

    People have been populating this country naturally for thousands of years, and it would be a slap in the face to that process to genetically engineer our children. Once we start going down this road, there is no coming back. It takes away the beautiful process that is a natural reproduction of everything we know.

  • Is not good

    Now, we all know genetic engineering can help us improve our daily lives by bringing us rapid changes in science and technology, but do we really need to be evolving ourselves this fast? Maybe we should just slow it down a bit and think about what we’re doing. In the last few millennia, humanity has overcome a wide variety of challenges from the black plague all the way to World War II.

    These events and everything before, in between and beyond them have defined us as a human race. If we begin altering ourselves and the world around us using this newfound genetic engineering technology (which we are not even certain is particularly safe), what could we potentially be missing out on in the future?

    We can’t begin taking shortcuts just because we can. A large part of our history involved developing naturally as a human race. Imagine if someone created a smartness gene in the dark ages or a happiness gene before any wars. We would have missed the chance to prove ourselves worthy as a human race and the chance to learn how to overcome challenges together.

    If we started doing these things in the future, it would be like giving a ten-year-old child the ability to suddenly turn forty. Sure, he would be a mature adult, but he would have missed out on the moments in life that would have defined him as a person.

    So I guess it comes down to one question; would you rather experience a future where we develop ourselves as a human race and learn valuable life skills, or a future where we cheat ourselves by taking the easy way out and becoming robots like the people in Gattaca?

  • It is WRONG!

    You should not be able to genetically engineer there child because then it doesnt make them who they are, it makes them a child science experiment. They wouldnt be who god created them to be they wouldnt even be your child. It may be there DNA but it wouldnt be special like what children are.

  • No it isnt

    It is not right to genetically engineer our children because they can learn to be whoever they want to be. Parents should be proud of what they created and they shouldn't need to create their baby to their liking. Ever heard the saying "Be happy for what you have"? Well we should all be happy for our children. No one is perfect and that's the beauty of it.

  • Can we have a NO.

    I think this is wrong in all sorts of ways. Yeah sure for someone who may be born with defects I see how you can get this conclusion of changing genes, but I think that is totally changing how perfect GOD made everyone perfect in his own eyes and everyone should be happy with their own unique characteristics and quit being so envious over the image of perfection.

  • Genetic Engineering isn't moral

    It's wrong to ruin the individuality that that world has. Society should not determine what the "ideal" appearance is. Also bullying will continue because of personalities not just appearance. Also not everyone will have the funds to pay for this so some kids will still get made fun of and feel even more left out than ever. This will create a larger issue than many can even think about.

  • No it isn't

    I do not think it is morally right to genetically engineer our children. It is not natural. It is not God's way. We were created a certain way and it goes against nature, and religion, to pick and choose how we want our children to be. We should not play God.

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