• Yes, as long as the zoo is a good one

    It really depends on the zoo, but if the zoo makes sure to provide large enclosures that recreate the natural habitat of the animals as accurately as possible, there is nothing wrong with keeping animals in zoos. Most animals in zoos are bred in captivity or have injuries or other issues that would make it difficult for them to survive in the wild, as well, so zoos are the best place for them.

  • Yes, zoos protect animals and educate the public.

    Yes, it is moral to place animals in zoos because they are cared for and protected more than in the wild. Many of the animals in zoos are endangered, and their placement in a zoo ensures their survival. Zoos also educate the public about the dangers that threaten various species, which increases the survival chances of these species.

  • Sure, if they are well cared for

    It is moral to put animals within zoos provided they are well cared for. Most zoos do a good job of this because unhappy or unhealthy animals do not make for good attractions to visitors. Properly cared for animals are provided with medical attention, plenty of food and enough space. Good study also means that endangered species can be studied and preserved.

  • Yes, if the zoos have the proper environment

    Zoos are a valuable tool in educating the public about animals and the environment. In the case of endangered animals, zoos can be useful in protecting a species from extinction. However, zoos should have strict policies in place to ensure the animals have enough space, proper nutrition, and a comfortable environment.

  • Most Zoos are pretty cruel.

    Take the Cincinati zoo for example, THEY SHOT AND KILLED an ANIMAL. Harambe the gorilla, whose name, by the way, means communal labor in swahili. They should have shot the boy for being so dumb as to jump into that enclosure. Thanks and good bye fellow folks of the world.

  • No no no

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