Is it morally acceptable not to consider yourself a feminist?

  • Feminism is useless in America

    Feminism seemed like such a great idea.....Until idiots like berta lovejoy arrived. Shouldnt they be focused at Iraq, and Saudi Arabia? Western feminists dont give a crap about about equality, they just want to be treated like they are jesus. I'd actually support and join feminism if it was focused at women who ACTUALLY have no rights.

    Posted by: J5
  • Western feminism is a joke.

    It is utterly acceptable and even good to be against Western feminism.

    Feminism, which claims to be a movement intended to empower women, ironically portrays women as being oppressed by the system, despite the fact that no laws exist (at least to my knowledge) that prefer one gender over another here in the UK or in the US. Let's go over some common Feminist arguments

    "We get paid less!"
    That's because of the market, not institutional sexism. Most women go into lower-paid jobs such as interior decoration and art, whereas men are more likely to go into fields such as construction and engineering. It could be argued though that these career choices are influenced by social gender conventions.

    "We're the rape and domestic violence victims!"
    Abuse is not specific to gender, rather it happens when the abusive partner believes they can get away with their behaviour. The reason that there are more reported assaults of females in relationships is because men feel that they wouldn't be believed, and even ridiculed for being "weak".

    As for rape, women do it too, but they usually resort to emotional tactics or blackmail rather than force - i.E they're more subtle about it. I don't know what the percentage statistics are though.

    Feminists, If women are so oppressed and persecuted as you claim, why do you get preference in custody battles, why is it that you can hit us and nobody bats an eyelid, yet when we defend ourselves we're branded "woman beaters"?

    Women deserve (and get) equal rights, and (don't get) equal lefts.

    "You're not a Feminist, why do you hate women?"
    This "argument" is a combination of the strawman fallacy and the loaded question fallacy. Whilst fallacies don't automatically disqualify a position, they don't count as an argument in their own right, and this argument is nothing except for the previously-mentioned fallacies.

    "We want to end sexism and oppression!"
    Really? Then what are you doing in the West and not places like Sudan where women are beaten in public routinely in the name of religion?

    If you really care about the plight of women, how's about starting where gender equality movements are most necessary?

    Also try this, go on YouTube and search for "feminist goes crazy", you'll strike virtual gold.

  • Of course it is morally acceptable

    The one problem with sexism is that it only apply to men discriminating women, and not the other way around. If we say that it is not acceptable to think that men are the dominating gender, then surely it would not be acceptable to think that women are the dominating either. We have to watch out that in the efford to not discriminate women, we do not end up discriminating men.

  • He-Man-Woman-Hater's Club 4 Life

    Plain and simple, suck it up. Personally, men have strengths and weaknesses, and women have strengths and weaknesses. We are different in good ways. Regardless of gender, humans look after their own, and if feminists really wanted what's best for women, they would shift their teary, Netflix plastered, pumpkin spice latte slurping, topless Tuesday quimming and go help women who need It most (like how about countries where women don't have the right to free speech?)

  • This is a joke right?

    Is this a serious question? Western feminism is a whiny, belligerent movement that doesn't actually seek to fix problems or make anyone equal. You don't see a whole lot of feminists out there trying to get women included in the draft or trying to get women equal prison sentences as men.

  • If it wasn't, the country could not be considered 'free'

    Are we looking at convicting people of thought crimes?

    You are likely posting this with the thought that to be a feminist is just being for equal rights. Not everyone looks at it this way. I believe in equal opportunity for everyone to succeed on their own merits, and the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of gender, disability, race, sexuality, whatever.

    Feminism is a different kettle of fish. If it WAS just for the equal rights of women, then it would be gone now, because we have equal rights. Name a single right that a man has that a woman does not.

    In contrast, they seem to be looking to be able to dictate what opinions individuals can have, what people can and can't say. And vilifying anyone who disagrees with them, even when their talking points are blatantly stupid (like with the wage gap). In that light, I can not consider myself a feminist. I would not adopt that label under any circumstances. When I was young and stupid, and trusted that people were honest and well meaning, perhaps, but I have read too much, seen too much of what feminist academia tries to pass as research and hypotheses, seen too much of what supposed feminists are doing across the world. Why would I want to label myself as part of THAT movement?

    If that is not morally acceptable, than I question your definition of moral.

  • Of course it is

    I am a woman, but I don't consider myself as a feminist, in fact, I hate feminism, if you are reading this and disagree, just hear me out. Feminists these days are not making themselves EQUAL to men, they are trying to make themselves more POWERFUL than men, I am not taking any sides, I believe in equality, not one gender being more powerful than the other, no matter which one

  • Feminism is a rebellion against God.

    When I think of a feminist, I think of someone that does not believe in woman's place in the Bible. God has given woman a place below man, and man a place below God. This place for women is not meant to be discriminating toward them, and it is wrong to desire to be at the same level as a man when God has put us where we are. Women's place is in existence because God knows what is best for women. He created woman, and he did so that Adam may have a companion and that mankind may be able to reproduce. God knows what is best for women, and that is why we have a sacred place which God provided for us. It should be our privilege to accept this place.

  • Feminism is the idea of equality for women

    This does not have to be Western Feminism but just the idea of women in other countries not have the ability to choose a husband or a religion or have their own money should upset people and if it upsets you than you are a feminist whether you wish to be one or not.

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