Is it morally acceptable to experiment on animals for human purposes?

  • Yup.

    Humans are greater than animals in a moral sense, and therefore it is more permissible to inflict adverse affects on an animal than a human. Since animals are less valuable, great negative affects on animals are easily balanced out by smaller positive effects on humans.

  • God gave us animals to use.

    God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

    So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

    God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

    God gave us animals to help and benefit us in any and every way.

  • they help

    animal testing has caused many scientific breakthroughs and therefore they help society. Without animal testing you wouldn't know if your favourite products are harmful or not. And if we continue animal testing we could find cures to horrible diseases like cancer.

    5 billion animals are killed in the process of food making, but we don't have a problem with eating animals, do we?

  • Animals should be allowed to be tested.

    This is like comparing yourself to your dog. Who is more important? Duh! You. Now I don't want any cruelty on the animals but if experiments have to be done use of animals is more secure and less "risky." People are the main source of the earth. People take care of the earth, the earth would be different. Therefore I say that animals should be allowed to be tested

  • Social Darwinism people

    We are part of the human race...We are superior to animals in every way. It is our moral responsibility as the apex species to be able to use lesser species for our own good. This is something we have done. Animal testing has provided us many scientific breakthroughs and have helped improve the human species as a whole. People need to stop worrying over a few animals and think about the future of the human race.

  • We are NOT equal

    How can a mouse and a human be the same? Humans are the main things on this Earth. Is it better to experiment on a mouse or a child? I think this experiments will help both the animals and the humans in the future. If you are saying that we should not use animals for experiments, then don't take a medicine next time when you are sick. Those medicines have been tested and experimented on animals.

  • It isn't cruelty

    We can't experiment on our own human race.It is known as murder.Our species are one of the main and top species of the food chain.If we aren't there then there will be a lot of problems and imbalance in nature.So i say it is not cruelty to use them for research purposes.

  • Only if it helps the greater good

    Sometimes hurting one thing for the sake of another can actually help everything in the long run. Assuming that the animal experimentation is necessary and self compensating I can see how it is moral. However, if the pain of the animals can be avoided it should be and if the testing has an unworthy objective purpose then it should not be allowed. A positive example of animal testing might appear to be life threatening disease vaccination. However, it appears humans can avoid bad outbreaks of diseases by cooperating with nature through actions like like limiting population and urbanization. An even more inefficient example of animal experimentation is cosmetics. Cosmetics hurt the environment while being somewhat unnecessary.

  • Yes it does

    We often use animals that are widely spread out the globe. For example, rats can be found all over the world,in larger numbers than humans. I don't believe hurting them will have a significant impact on these animals. We don't use bold eagles or pandas for the research. We use animals that can be find almost everywhere.

  • Human Instinct Dictates

    Being the most intelligent beings on the planet, it is entirely normal to want to explore your sexuality. Although in the end, an animal is not a person and does not have the ability to comprehend what you are doing, what you do with what they have might be the same as if the animal was a human. It doesn't have to be something crazy like marrying a horse or anything. I just believe that possibly trying it once may be a healthy choice, just to see what else is out there and what mother nature has out on our planet.

  • No Need To Do That !

    One reason is because trees need the animals and we need the oxygen from the trees to survive. Another reason is that the animals population can go down or the species is going to be extinct.the animals also have feelings. God made the world with animals for a reason so the world would look really pretty.

  • ERM. NU.


  • It is indubitably, absolutely, morally unacceptable to experiment on animals for human purposes.

    Animals that are experimented on are kept in cages all day, every day. The only times they are let out is to be subjected to brutally savage and painful experiments. In these experiments, they are given no drugs to ease their pain. Imagine undergoing surgery without anesthesia. When the animals are no longer useful, they are killed. They never see the sunlight in their entire lives. They are kept in worse living conditions than murderers on death row. What have they done to deserve such a horrible fate? Absolutely nothing. Humans have no right to play God with animals' lives. I am disgusted at the human race and I am very ashamed to be a human. If Hell exists, any person who ever experimented on an innocent animal is without a doubt going straight there.

  • No! It's wrong!

    Animals are just as important as humans on this earth! Just because humans are more advanced compared to rabbits or fish and can build houses and drive cars, doesn't mean that they have to right to use other species for their own greed! If it was any other way then we wouldn't stand for it so why should they?

  • I won't stand for it

    Animals are creatures that can feel pain, They may not be able to verbally say what hurts but they feel pain. Animals are smart in their on way. The fact that we use them for testing is utterly despicable. The drugs used to to test on them is more often than not engineered to cure animal diseases. Sure we humans are animals but we are not the same as a lab rat. We eat meat and plants rats eat plants. Answer me this: What if you got a call telling you that all your pets are going to be taken to lab where they will be tested, probed, and stabbed?

  • What makes us think we are superior?

    It is absolutely ungrateful for us to be given this life and start making claims that we are the superior race. It is ultimately not up to us to create that type of hierarchy and we should rather value all life around us instead of devalue it for our selfish gain.

  • Not if the human purposes don't help the greater good.

    It is only acceptable to hurt one thing if it will help the greater good in the end. Currently, most animal tests aid greedy corporations and foolish consumerists by allowing for the creation of unnecessary products not worth the suffering of animals. For example, cosmetics actually destroy the environment without contributing to the greater good.

  • The Alpha doesn't destroy the Omega

    We shouldn't experiment on animals for our own purposes. If someone told you they were going to do that to a human, wouldn't you absolutely freak? Just because we think of ourselves as the alpha species, doesn't mean we have to destroy what isn't ours! God made these animals that we are torturing to death! Killing the animals swiftly for food isn't the same as distributing a slow and painful death. And as for the testing of inmates, that is completely unacceptable!

  • Turn the tables

    We are equal. Just because they can't tell us to stop doesn't mean they like it. 5 billion animals are killed in the food process as it is. I'm sure much more are killed in hunting as well. I'm not saying never experiment products. I'm only saying we need to come up with a better way to do it. Imagine if they were doing it to us. Making us bleed and suffer just so and different species could know if their mascara really works. Animals help us in so many ways. They give us food. Dogs walk the blind and help rescue centers. But above all of that they give us loyalty. They give up there lives, so we can eat. They guide people who can't see and search for lost humans. And for those of us who have a pet at home, they give us friendship. Imagine your pet being tested on. It's cruel. We need to find a different way fast.

  • In response to human testing

    Cruelty somehow became a part of our daily lives, as if killing meant nothing anymore. What we call important science is, in fact, nothing more than murder. For some reason we believe we are more important, that we have the right to do as we want. Not so long ago, we used to conduct these sort of medical experiments on black people, as Nazis conducted them on Jews. All of that seems hard to believe now. We disguise horror with medical papers and studies that sometimes show us nothing more than what we already knew. We experiment on highly functional, thinking living beings because of their resemblance to us. It’s strange, once you think about it, because we wouldn't do that to ourselves. For some kind of reason, they are real enough and yet not at all. If they resemble us, that means it hurts them just as much as it would hurt us, doesn't it? That resemblance brings with it the capacity for the animal to engage deeply in social life with their kind, and with us, and us with them. If asked to do these trials on a human, it would be considered inhumane, then why isn't it on animals?

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