Is it morally justifiable for governments to ask people to pay for health care?

Asked by: Mars_90
  • There is no immoral reason

    Yes, it is completely moral. There is literally no aspect of this that goes against someone's morals. I can see how it would be bad that they would tax people that cannot afford it very well, but they are paying for their own health and wellbeing. Expecting someone else to pay for your needs could be considered immoral.

  • Absolutely, due to morality

    At what point do we consider it immoral for people to work for nothing?

    Healthcare requires immense research, hard work, knowledge, and time. Asking for all of that for free seems unjust, at least to me.

    Now I agree healthcare is expensive, and you shouldn't be denied healthcare, especially if you need it, but, we have to take that with some level of understanding that that expense should come from somewhere.

    Whether that cost is taken via tax, or paid for in the form of insurance paid directly to the government, It's more than acceptable to assume people should pay for healthcare.

  • Then Who Pays

    No one works for nothing including doctors and nurses. If you are ill or break a bone, you have the right to receive medical care, but not for free. To expect others to pick up the tab for your care is immoral. Vvv vvv vvv vvv vvv vvv vv vvv.

  • Both side happy

    In my point of view, the patients have to pay to have a high-quality treatment and services. Also the cost of the treatment that the patient pay for will goes to the government income , so it's help to provide a good lifestyle for them. Moreover, the cost will be part of the doctor income. Both side will be happy, the patient will have a good treatment and the doctor will have his wage.

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