• Yes, there are instances that permit it, in my opinion

    Not all lies are necesarrily bad. Pulling an example off of the top of my head, in the movie "Black Hawk Down", (based on a true story, btw) one of the Army Rangers is shot in his femoral artery, and is bleeding to death. He passes out while others perform first aid on him, and when he wakes up, he asks if they were able to fix him. They weren't and he was going to die soon. But they lied and said they were able to clamp his artery, and he'd be ok. They told him he'd be able to go back home and tell his parents how hard he fought that day. In this case, lying helped someone die in peace, and wasn't a bad lie. There are many other examples better than mine, I'm just going off the top of my head. But yes, I do believe there are instances where lying is permissible.

  • Not all lies are bad.

    Depending on who you are lying to and what about, a lie would not necessarily harm the other person. There are many reasons for lying that are done with the best intentions. You could ask the person if they have a preference. Should I tell you the truth or should I tell you what I think you want to hear?

  • Yes lying can be good

    Sometimes lying is necessary or beneficial. A lie may save many lives or keep someone from getting hurt. There are many cases where lying is morally permissible. If you lie just to cover yourself and get away with things though then this is not moral. It should be judged on a case by case basis.

  • In certain circumstances

    Its very hard to, in a blanket way, say that something is immoral 100% of the time, and lying is the gray area that complicates things. Lying could potentially save people's lives (in extreme examples) or at least their feelings in less extreme ones - though doing so often can produce far more problems.

  • It is morally permissible to lie.

    It is morally permissible to lie. Depends on the lie but sometimes if it protects someone else then there are cases in which you have to lie. I do not think you should lie all the time because sooner or later you will get caught at it unless you are just so good at doing so.

  • Lying is Morally Permissible in Some Cases

    Yes, in some cases, lying is morally permissible. For example, if one is encountered by an individual who wishes to do harm to another individual, it is morally permissible for one to lie about the location of the individual who is to be harmed, in order to spare that individual the harm that would be inflicted.

  • Under Situation-Based Ethics, Yes

    There may be some cases where a lie is actually needed to produce a much needed result. As morally unpalatable as that is, it is the truth. This becomes even more apparent in situations of war and combat where lives are on the line. However, it is never permissible in politics.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Are you a Kantian?

    It would depend on what thinkings on ethics you subscribe to. Kantian thinkers would say that if anything wrong is done, then the end result, however good, is tainted. I tend to like this school of thought as it focuses on the individual and his/her individual actions. What say you?

  • Lying is prohibited in Islam

    Though I lie a lot but it is strongly forbidden in my religion Islam for it is a key sin either leading to other sins like murder,injustice,blame game ,theft and so on or developing a fearful and coward character and personality thus leading to inhuman behavior so we should never lie

  • God's law says never lie

    Multiple circumstances I've lied and it never ended good.Like the saying 'Cheaters never prosper',which is only one saying.Multiple times in the Bible it says not to lie. People lie a lot. And anybody reading this you lie to and you know it.I hope you all learn something from reading this.

  • Christian should not lie

    In the Ten Commandments, The laws that God gave Moses to present to the Israelites and the people of the Bible, one of the most important commandments is thou shall not lie. Therefore, God says it is wrong to lie. It is not morally right to lie. The Ten Commandments also has 9 points that we should also follow

  • We all lie.

    One thing I truly believe EVERYONE does is lie. It's simply encoded in our DNA to tell a small fib every now and then. Sometimes, I do think it is permissible to lie, if it's your only option to save someones feeling for example or get out of a sticky situation.

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