Is it morally permissible to save the life of one innocent person then to take the life of more innocent peoples

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  • Saving private Ryan all over again

    A family loses 3 sons to the army. They only have one last male son. A whole group is sent to rescue they die to reach the punk and he refuses to leave and they all die to save one person.

    This does not make sense losing 20 people for one person. In the real world the army and the intelligence tells you that you are on your own.
    You sign forms and allow yourself to not be rescued

  • Decrease country population

    This is actually the art of being wikid. You don't know the destination of those innocent peoples life you have wasted. Evev if that person was a father you you know how many mothers life your have waswisted. This will take the life of our friends family members and we future leaders in that country

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