Is it morally responsible to encourage individuals to "snitch" on those who abuse benefit claims by paying them?

  • Yes, people should be encouraged to fight crime

    It is morally responsible to discourage fraud and theft. Only according to thug
    ethics is snitching wrong. The criminals want people believe that it is wrong
    to report lawbreakers, but it is not. Reporting wrongdoing decreases social
    costs and makes neighborhoods safer. It is brave and truthful to help stop
    crime. Any monetary payment to those who report thieves simply rewards
    truth-tellers for helping to expose the false values that encourage crime.

  • Sometimes it is the only way

    Yes, in some cases I believe that it is the only way that you will be able to catch those that are cheating the system. Many people just don't want to get involve with the issues that come with reporting someone to authorities, but a little incentive goes a long way in getting people moving.

  • It is morally responsible

    It is morally responsible to pay individuals to snitch on those that abuse benefit claims because they are catching the people that are cheating the system and saving tax payer money at the same time. People would not be as willing to turn in the cheaters if they were not paid.

  • Yes, it is morally responsible to pay individuals to snitch on those abusing benefit claims

    It is definitely morally responsible to pay individuals who snitch on those who are abusing benefit claims. The abuse of benefit claims is rampant in the country and is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The small amounts paid to those who snitch on abusers would be a mere pittance compared to the amount of money that could be saved by not paying bogus claims.

  • It kind of defeats the purpose

    How hard can it be to track people who are filing benefit claims? It is like people who say people abuse those SNAP cards. They are like an ATM card, every time someone buys something with the card, it is recorded. It is morally wrong to pay people to snitch. How do they know if the people who are snitching aren't lying in order to be paid?

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