Is it morally right to do a little evil for a greater good?

  • An example of yes

    I was working in a low paid job for 7 years when I found out my employer was going to get rid of me so I made a deal with a friend that made me a manager it gave me money and a level of influence I wasn't really up to being a manager and I knew it but I lied to get the money so I could buy a house. Along the way I used my position to help a few others who were unemployed and going in to crime as well as a couple of fellas who were in dead end positions like I was all of these people are now prospering and I'm buying a house in the next couple of weeks debt free but it was done at the expense of 3 multi millionaire bussiness men the amount they lost was minimal and would have been spent on flashy cars holidays and houses but they r peeved. What I did is not illegal but me serving as a manager cost these people tens of thousands of dollars but if i didnt do it broke unemployment would have been my fate. Its wrong of me to do it but 5 people are far better off as a result and less crime and court time wasted is that not better than a multi millionaire having a slightly better car

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  • Sometimes a little evil goes a long way for good

    Yes, there are what is called necessary evils. Some may have to suffer to save many and we hope that we or anyone close to use are not the sufferers. Scientist have run this scenario on various occasions such as using animals with experiments, I believe that is evil, but it saves the lives of many including other animals, then it may be necessary.

  • No, It is not correct

    Although a greater good is always better, There are always sacrifices. Imagine that you are in a competition of robotics. You are asked to loose on purpose so that the winner is a young girl who everyone likes. In exchange of this you will get to go to a university of your choosing and also 500, 000 dollars. At first sure, It seems like a great deal, But if you examine it correctly and more carefully, You would be scarifying something greater than all the education and money. I am talking about honor. Your honor is a mixture of your dignity, Consciousness and self-respect. Sure, You could do a lot of things with your high education, And you could also do many things with that amount of money. Is is worth it though? Would you live with yourself knowing that you were corrupt, Breaking your honor and dignity. Cheating? Think about that.

  • No, it's not morally right to do evil, even for a good purpose.

    Although one might think it can be excusable to do something bad if it has a good outcome, this leads to moral ambiguities. We can't have moral ambiguities, because then suddenly we don't have any morals at all. Something cannot be good for one reason, and bad for another. As an example, some people think it's good to lie in certain circumstances when it would be better for the other person. However, when someone lies, this lie will invariably lead to other lies. Morals need to be black and white. It can't be good to do something in one instance, and bad to do it in another.

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