• It is wrong

    Killing animals did not benefit us. We cannot just fulfill our desire for fun to kill the life, As they are innocent. It is wrong to kill for fun morally unless they harm us. If they not, We cannot kill them. We need to respect the other life. R

  • It is totally wrong act

    To killed animals for fun. It is worst thing. I don't agree. How can people killed animals just for fun. They too a living being. They have same right to live in this world as we have. We must give to importance of other life's too. As we are most intellectual being in this world. We should do that's thing which becomes a exemplary to other beings.
    I feel that the person who killed animals for fun I don't think so he Bring any type of joy. But he shows through his action. He is the most powerful being in this world. He can kill those being which less weaker than him

  • You need help.

    To put it simply, You're taking an organism, A living, Breathing being, And taking it's life away for funsies. If you think otherwise, Go to a therapist, Because you're mentally ill, No way around it. Get help, And take your issues out on a dart board or archery or something. Jesus Christ.

  • It is reflective of my character

    At first I was going to argue against, Because I do not believe that animals can have the ability to be innocent. To have the ability to be innocent comes with the ability to be guilty, And animals, Which are not judged by any standard under law, Cannot be guilty. But killing animals for the fun of killing animals is reflective of your character. It is nothing besides wasteful and disgusting and counter productive.

  • It Is Morally Wrong to Kill animals except if it is life or death for you

    What kind of world do you want your kids, Or grand kids, Or even yourself to live in? A world where marine life no longer exist outside of aquariums or cement cages like sea world. Unless you in a situation where your survival depends on killing an animal for food, It is always wrong to harm innocent animals. You are putting someone through pain and suffering for no reason other then your own pleasure, Whether that is the fun of killing them, Or for the taste of their dead corpses, Or even their secretions. I live my life treating others, Which includes all sentient beings, And even the plant life and environments, The way I want to be treated. As far as practically possible. You cannot justify using or enslaving, Or murdering an animal for your own pleasure or profit. No person has a right to inflict pain on someone else. How do you ever expect people to treat each other right, Without genocide, And bombing millions of people, Where people are starving, And are being enslaved. If you cannot even treat animals right? What kind of a world do you want you, Your kids, Or even your grand kids to live in? I believe in leaving the world a better place then I left it. Last question you need to ponder, Is your personal pleasure more important then the life of an animal?

  • For food not for fun

    Maybe i am being a polly anna considering the nature of our world, Even biblically it is okay to hunt and eat animals to hunt them for sport? For the thrill of a kill is a perversion like a lustful unnecessary act. To enjoy killing for no other reason at the least is frivolous, At worst perverse.

  • I say no because I hunt for fun but I put the meat to good use. CHANGE my mind

    It decreases population which is sometimes a good thing. Id like to hear other peoples opinion. Just well CHANGE my mind give me your best shot i guess. Again I want Long supportive details about why I should stop doing what I do. CHANGE MY MIND (give me all you got)

  • Difference between ethics and moral

    Moral refers to the norms and values that tell us which things are considered correct or not in a certain society.
    Ethics refer to the norms and values that consider what is good or bad, According to universal human mindset.

    You find societies like Spain, Where the mindset and values don't consider the Toros (or Bullfighting) immoral. Or the Roman gladiator - animal fights with lions when no one considered them as morally wrong.
    It doesnt matter if you consider it ethically wrong or not. Here you posted "morally" so the answer is that some societies consider some animal killing activities for enterntainment as morally acceptable.

    I just hate to see a 100% ratio of agreement, So i just wanted to contrary a debate where everyone agrees the same.

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VeganRodent says2018-11-04T20:29:00.067
Animals normally avoid noxious stimuli when exposed to it. I interpret this as animals having a will to live and be free from suffering. I respect this will and have decided to not fuck with them when practicably possible.