• Jeopardizing the health of others

    Would it be considered morally wrong to drink and drive or drink while pregnant? I think the answer is obvious. Making a decision that could damage the health of those around you leading to prolonged conditions such as COPD and cancer is irresponsible and morally corrupt. There is also the question of funding companies who are morally questionable which is another problem with cigarette smoking. Kids whose parents smoke are more likely to smoke. Setting children up for a life of health problems is wrong as well. This only scratches the surface.

  • Separating the act from the person

    While many smokers may be moral people who act with great care and empathy for others, the act of smoking is in fact extremely harmful to the smoker...And all around them. The litany of deleterious effects of smoking have been mentioned elsewhere in this debate. In this complicated world in which we live, and given the great danger of absolutes, I would argue that many people who smoke might in fact be moral but this act (like littering, shooting animals or selfishly disregarding the needs of others) is in fact immoral.

  • Yes in some ways

    Tobacco is highly addictive so there are questions around degrees of choice and compulsion at work, and arguably diminished responsibility but tobacco is an unethical product. It is produced by big corporate giants who exploit ignorance (in children and developing world) and addictive properties of the drug to promote it's lethal products which kills the majority of its users and adds huge burden to the healthcare costs of society. As such buying tobacco is like buying any other unethical product that creates suffering and slavery and users would be better to find any method to stop.

  • Violates Many Religious Principles

    Smoking isn't just morally wrong, it also violates many religious principles. Islam purports no drinking or smoking to live a pure life. Buddhism believes you shouldn't cause suffering in anyone, even yourself. Christianity teaches us to "do unto others as you would have done unto you." Even Pagans say, "harm none" which includes not harming yourself. Smoking isn't just morally wrong because it burdens society with health care issues, it's against some of the world's most popular religions.

  • With respect to Christians it is a moral issue.

    God has charged us with the responsibility to "present our bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable". Choosing to smoke shows that you do not care enough about yourself and the one who created you. The evidence of the damaging effects that smoking has on one's health is known, therefore choosing to smoke is choosing to defy Gods commandment. Thus, making it a moral issue.

  • Smoking inflicts burdens upon others

    Those who don't care about their own lives enough to quit smoking should think about the effects that their bad habit has on others. Exposure to secondhand smoke is an obviously wrong, but that is not the only way smoking harms others. When a smoker is diagnosed with heart disease, COPD or lung cancer, his or her family suffers as well. Others must bear the costs of the smoker's healthcare at this point (yes, this is true even when the smoker has private health insurance), and these can be substantial.

  • What is morally wrong?

    Some people could say that smoking is morally wrong, but what of the people that drive cars. The carbon monoxide build up in most cities would then have to be morally wrong as it causes serious health issues and even death for some. People also kill people with cars when they hit them, but people call them accidents. When a person accidentally kills someone with their car is it then called murder?

  • No it's not

    No it is not morally wrong to smoke a cigarette. That is just ridiculous. It is morally wrong to kill or steal, not smoke a cigarette. Smoking cigarettes is harmful to ones body. But it is a persons choice, whether or not they want to smoke. Just because it is bad for you, doesn't mean that it is morally wrong.

  • CIgarrettes are Unhealthly but Not Morally Wrong

    I do not believe that cigarettes are morally wrong. Yes, cigarettes are unhealthy, but so are many other items such as junk food, alcohol, and sun tanning. For something to be morally wrong I believe that the item in question should be seen by the majority of people as a given to be unacceptable in a society such as murder, rape, and adultery. Cigarettes though being harmful are not quite at that level.

  • It is not morally wrong to smoke cigarettes.

    Although smoking is had for your health, it is not morally wrong to smoke cigarettes. People have to make health choices every day, and there is never a clear cut answer. People who smoke in moderation will not suffer so many health problems as heavy smokers. A person's health is their own responsibility.

  • No, it's not morally wrong to smoke cigarettes.

    No, it's not morally wrong to smoke cigarettes. There is nothing immoral about smoking cigarettes. Yes, it is an unhealthy habit but it's a habit that people should have the right to partake in. Tobacco is grown from the earth and I don't see something that is grown from this earth can be immoral.

  • Cigarettes Are Not Morally Wrong

    No, it is not morally wrong to smoke cigarettes. An adult has the right to choose what s/he puts into her/his body, as that person has a right to say what happens to his/her body. So long as that person is not ignoring someone else's rights by smoking near them unwanted, cigarette smoking is not morally wrong.

  • Not In And Of Itself

    A smoker might not have any kids, might not ever smoke around others, and measurements of health care costs don't include deductions for how much is saved on future costs when a smoker dies young. A valid measurement needs to include that. But having pointed that out I don't want people to tell me I must refrain from healthy behavior "For the good of society" even if it turns out I'm costing 100s of millions of dollars by prolonging my life being healthy. So I'm willing to enter a social contract with others saying "to each his own". The value of one's own "health" versus "amusement", various "pleasures", "adventure"(think climbing Everest and how unhealthy but amazing that is)... is relative and unique to each individual and I have no place dictating what that should be for everyone else.

  • Of course not

    Smoking is not a moral issue, it is a health issue. There is nothing moral or immoral about smoking, or in participating in many other substances. It holds no moral place, only a health one. It may be immoral to smoke around certain people, such as children or people with reactions, but the act itself is not immoral.

  • No, it's just stupid.

    While smoking is dangerous to your health, and the health of those around you, it's not morally wrong. It's a stupid decision though. I do think it should be seriously restricted in public places, as you do not have the right to inflict your poison on everyone around you. If you want to kill yourself that's your right, but you don't get to take the rest of us down with you.

  • It Is Not Morally Wrong

    I do not smoke but I would never say that it is morally wrong to smoke cigarettes. It is someone's choice to smoke and they have right to. What they do to their body is their won business. It is not hurting anyone else as long as they aren't blowing smoke in people's faces.

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