Is it more appropriate to send addicts to jail, or into rehab treatment?

  • Jails have rehab

    A lot of drug addicts use rehab as an excuse not to go to jail. And find ways to continue using while attending rehab. I know a lot of people who have done this. Therefore we need to be harsh, make them do rehab from the jail cell and maybe just maybe they will learn. Because right now rehab is a excuse for 98% of people

  • Breaking the law.

    If you take illegal drugs you have broken the law and should go to prison. If you are addicted to murdering are you sent to rehab also? Crack down on serial drug takers, they effect many people's lives and there must be harsher punishment for the use of illegal drugs.

  • Jail really helps

    Jail provides time away from drugs and also already has rehab. So you are able to serve time and get help at the same time. Also, since you're in jail, you are able to spend time away from drugs. There are some prisons that have drugs but most of them do not.

  • Jail really helps

    Jail provides time away from drugs and also already has rehab. So you are able to serve time and get help at the same time. Also, since you're in jail, you are able to spend time away from drugs. There are some prisons that have drugs but most of them do not.

  • It is appropriate.

    Its appropriate because I got admit there are some hard-headed people that will keep on doing the same thing knowing the consequence but I hear jail is a very crucial place and is not a place you would wanna be in so if people really don't want them to put their selves in misery for a piece of crack they would stop and know and to saves themselves from going haywire.

  • Yes YES YES

    They should go to jail because they need time away from drugs. Drugs are not good for you they can cause sever things to you and not have good health. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .! ! ! ! !

  • Yes they should

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  • Yes they should

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  • A big yes

    Say yes to jail because it can help the drug addict to learn more lessons of what they did and also to be aware to the drug addict that they should not use again drugs because drugs can cause many dangerous things to them, drugs may cause of their tragic death and others.

  • It's harsh but effective.

    Addicts need to be , be punished for their crime, and be in a controlled environment, free from drugs. That's why jail is the perfect place for them. There should be no rehab options other than the incarceration itself, as this is jail, not a clinic. They should be able to learn or not from and learn from the life long addicts that they meet there and decide whether or not to continue down that road. If they aren't going to make it after this, they will definitely not make it in rehab either.

  • Kicking people while they are down.

    Many drug addicts have tried to reach out for help and have been turned away due to financial reasons mostly. Addicts are already suffering. Most people do drugs to ease emotional pain. I know I did. I had a police officer wait for me to leave the courthouse for a DUI drug charge. He was hiding and pulled me over, based on a conversation myself and my lawyer had off the record. He also said I was "crying too much" in court. He told me to get out of the car and I said, "Why are you kicking me while I am down?" He arrested me for drug DUI number 2, and searched my car and found pills. Now I am facing felony charges. I tried to commit suicide, landed in rehab (someone finally paid attention), and thank God I'm sober and free of pain pills. But I have lost my job, home, and pets. I am a kind and loving person who gives to others. I think it's cruel to punish people that have already suffered so much.

  • From an addicts perspective:

    From my experience there are too many reasons why a NONVIOLENT addict needs rehabilitation instead of jail. If an addict doesn't know there is a possibility of living a drug-free life they will never stop. Not to mention the death rate of sending an addict to jail is going up, with no one to help them get sober in prison they will get out and relapse thinking there tolerance is the same before incarceration and they take a hit and overdose. Addicts need to know there is a much better way to live, not punishing them for a treatable but often relapsing disease.

  • Rehab

    This isn't really a yes-no question, but taking the question as "Is it more appropriate to send addicts to jail," then, I say no, it is more appropriate to send them to rehab. Jail does not give them anything beneficial, and it costs society a great deal to keep them incarcerated. Rehab costs less, and when the person is released, they will be less likely to use drugs again because they got treatment.

  • Rehab, Not Jail

    No, it is not more appropriate to send addicts to jail than into rehab treatment. Addicts deserve a second chance at a normal life so they should be sent to rehab instead of jail, as long they committed no crimes in obtaining their drugs. Addicts are not much different from alcoholics and deserve the same right to treatment. The failure rate is high for both addicts and alcoholics, but at least society can say they were given a chance to reform and do something positive with their lives.

  • Addicts should be in rehab programs and not jail.

    Drug addicts need rehab programs and not to be put in jail just for using drugs. Prison should only be for people that commit crimes. If the addicts breaks the law to support their habit, such as stealing, then they should go to prison. But just being addicted should not be grounds for prison.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Drug abuse hurts everyone!

    I have had two seperate people really close to me, get addicted to crack again. They were clean and relapsed. Both have gone to Prison before for drug use but I dont feel this was the correct thing for them. First of all they have both told me that prisons are full of drugs if you want them. So this tells me that there are corrupt law enforcement obviously. So what your doing is basically throwing them in a cage for many years but not really helping the underlying issue. I am sure if everyone that does drugs at first when they first used said oh this isnt gonna make me addicted, they would all say the same thing. Im so aggravated with this country throwing someone in jail isnt the solution. Yes they did things unlawful while using but they wouldnt have if they were sober. I have real hard time with this subject cause I dont think prison will help with drug addiction at all.

  • With this being said there are exceptions to every situation.

    I'm actually turning sixteen today, and I know that some people might say "oh she in-experienced," and yadda yadda... But not really. I'm writing this like I'm in the shoes of either side. With me turning sixteen, I've never used drugs or been to jail. Honestly. But I know plenty of people that have been to jail... And I know that I would want it to be my absolute last option. If I had the choice betweenthe two I'd choose rehab everytime. And that's just the thing that should be watched out for. Overusing valuable resources. This is an amazing oppurtunity that should be given to those who need it, with that it should also be TAKEN by those who truly need it. If you're on your third offense, I don't think rehab is going to help you if it hasn't by now. I've read the comments above and the comment about the cop waiting and catching you... That is a possibility, but why not, before you even put your keys in your ignition, CLEAN out your car. Erase that option. Easier to evalutate now. I know, but that was just a thought. Thanks for reading.

  • Uhh no, let the punishment fit the crime

    DRUGS GET SMUGGLED INTO JAIL, illegal drugs are a crime, ok.
    But other drugs?? Addiction is a disease which should be treated. Rehab is a way to help someone restart their life. Right after prison most addicts just relapse which is a big no, that shouldn't be happening.
    As good people we should be helping those in need of help

  • Rehab Rehab Rehab.

    Many times the addict feels that there is no way out, they are trapped in a vicious cycle of depression and drugs. No drugs leads to depression, having drugs leads to going to jail and/or getting a felony and not being able to get a job or provide for themselves, which leads to more depression. Would you send a suicidal teen to prison for listening to loud music so they can forget about their negative thoughts? No. So why send addicts to jail? Also, once a felony is charged, the receiver is unable to get a job and now feels that they have no choice but to commit REAL CRIMES, so that they can get money.

  • Jail rehab is only temporary help.

    People use drugs so that they can get rid of their negative feelings. (depression, anxiety, etc.) Drugs release dopamine in your brain, which causes you to feel a surge of pleasure and or happiness. By sending a person to jail, you are only making a bad situation worse. Now that they have a felony, they are not able to get a job or take care of themselves, or possibly their family. On top of not being able to take care of themselves, their rehab does not continue once they are out of jail, and therefore they relapse. (90% of people who get rehab relapse within the next year.) Now, they have no job and are craving the drug. They feel they have no choice but to steal and commit real crimes, to get money for the drug.
    Did you know that law enforcement gets 10 times as much money as health research. So we spend 10 times as much tax dollars on arresting these people instead of finding new ways to help them. Maybe the money we pay our government should go to things like building more recovery centers, because right now most states only have a couple of rehab centers and the waiting list is months long. As if making the decision to get help wasn't hard enough, by the time it is their turn to get help, it's too late.
    I am doing a project on this topic right now, I will be posting updates on my blog if you would like to see what I come up with.

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