Is it more beneficial for young women to study in women-only colleges at the undergraduate level?

  • I say yes if they are LGBT

    I am female. I get along with women more often. I don't really get along with my mother though. She is more conservative. I get along with my father. I mostly don't get along with my brother. I wish that I had a sister to talk to. I am equal to women. I know about them since I AM one. I have great male friends too, but the majority is female. They are benefits for women. They take more risks without being humiliated. Men don't feel pressure to be competitive. This would benefit the LGBT community. I'm PROUD to be a LGBT adult!

  • Young women need to be around young men.

    By the time a woman is in college, they should be interacting with men on a fairly regular basis. These women are going to have to know how to work with men when they graduate from college. It only makes sense for them to learn how to be around them prior to graduation.

  • Women Need Not Worry About Segregating By Sex

    I do not believe it would be overly important for a young woman to only seek out colleges for females. There are a lot of benefits for attending colleges that invite both sexes. Because the traditional work environment is not segregated by sex there is no reason to expect a better experience from a segregated college or women-only college.

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