• Accuracy is more important than speed

    In my experience accuracy is more important than speed. Yes it's good to do certain things fast, but only if its the correct information. When we are compelled to act quickly we can sometimes emphasize speed over accuracy and actually end up missing the goal of the task entirely. Which in turn ends up taking longer than if we would just simply slow down in the first place.

  • Look at all of the fake news

    It does not make sense how the story of the tortoise and the hair took off. Modern information is being processed at astonishing speeds but with it comes a persons tendency to accept any bit of information as accurately true when it may in fact be entirely false. The recent incident in Washington DC involving the Covington Catholic High School serves as an example. The media coverage of the incident only showed the high school students mocking the Native activist, And not the Hebrew activist threatening the high school students.

  • No it is important to be fast.

    It is important to be accurate instead of fast because accuracy provides a more quality work. If a job is done fast instead of accurate, you neglect how well the job was done. By accurately doing something, you know that there are minimal errors when compared to doing something fast.

  • No, accuracy is more important than speed.

    I think it is more important to be accurate than to be fast. Somebody that does things fast may lack in accuracy. I believe doing things at a normal speed and having things be accurate is more important. The faster something is done, the less chance things will be accurate.

  • No, it is more important to be accurate.

    While speed is important, with inaccurate work it loses it's value. Accuracy shows your work ethic and how much you really care about what your doing. A more accurate world would make for better advancements. If NASA is planning to do something in space, they have to have an extreme amount of accuracy as to not endanger the mission or peoples lives.

  • It's more important to be accurate.

    In today's environment of technology it's more important to be accurate.Somebody can submit work that is very speedy but if they continue to make mistakes time after time than it really does not really matter how speedy they are.The better way is to take your time to make sure the work product comes out in a quality fashion.

  • It is more important to be accurate.

    If a person is fast, but inaccurate, the work will be required to be repeated. After the repeat work is done, it would have been better to be accurate in the beginning. Doing work that is inaccurate is useless to everyone. It will save time in the long run to not be required to redo inaccurate work.

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