Is it morning in America (yes) or are we in our twilight (no)?

Asked by: JonathanDJ
  • "We must secure the existence of the United States Of America and a future for ALL American children."

    This is a famous phrase by the 40th President of the United States Ronald Wilson Reagan during one of his campaigns. We must make it morning in America. We are the worlds last best hope for freedom in the world. We must preserve this nation for the sake of the World and our children. We have sacrificed a great deal to get what we have. The Civil War cost us the lives of 660 thousand men. That was the cost of ending the enslavement of our fellow citizens and keeping our Union in existence.

  • Decline always follows greatness,

    I believe the United States is in, or at least approaching, the twilight years. I say this with both sadness and respect. No other country has impacted the modern world like the US. While many criticize the United States, few can honestly argue that the country has been the primary driving force for freedom and democracy for two hundred years. The world would be a very different place had the US championed the values of liberty, freedom, and human rights. It has not been perfect but it has been a lighthouse, illuminating and protecting. She has guided many ships to safety and offered protection to many more.

    That being said, I believe the US is in her waning years. It is the nature of civilizations and empires to be born, rise to greatness, and then to recede into mediocrity or oblivion. History has demonstrated this tendency to implode. Consider all of the great civilizations of the past; they now reside in the realm of the past, the subjects of history books and archaeological investigations. Perhaps the implosions are self-inflicted wounds. Civilizations, and countries, decline when they develop to a critical point where they abandon the principles and qualities that brought greatness.
    Sadly, the US is showing the signs of decline that sealed the fate of the Roman empire.

    She is still the greatest hope for the spread of freedom in our world but internal conflicts and failures are beginning to weaken the nation. Financial distress, political conflict, social conflict, and and a loss of focus and commitment seem to be taking a toll on the nation. The citizens of the US have abandoned or diluted many of the values that made this country strong. History proclaims that a fall always follows a rise. I pray that my stance is wrong, but I see signs of the twilight. I may sound pessimistic, but I believe much can be accomplished in the twilight years. I also believe there can be exceptions to every rule, perhaps the Us will be an exception.

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