• Yes, killing during war is murder.

    Any willful killing of another human being is murder, so it stands to reason that killing during a war is technically murder. However, it would be an instance where people might feel that it is justifiable, because it is being required by the government and being done, unfortunately, for a purpose, such as in self-defense.

  • Killing during war is often murder

    Colonizers and other invaders who seek to steal land, steal natural resources, and enslave or otherwise subjugate local peoples in their native lands are guilty of murder when they kill those people. This is true regardless of whatever excuses and justifications are created and disseminated by the governments of the colonizers or other invaders. Politicians who run governments have often ordered invasions in order to enrich munitions manufacturers. Much of the bombing in Indochina had little to do with defeating the local peoples, who were cast as enemies and characterized as Communists, and everything to do with turning the owners of munitions companies into multi-millionaires. In cases such as colonization and invasions to steal land and natural resources and to enslave or subjugate local peoples, killing in war is murder.

  • Murder as in unjust taking of life. Calling someone you've never met an enemy just because you are told to.

    Killing people under the cloak of war is no better than going up to someone on the street and putting a bullet through their head.
    Soldiers are used by their governments as weapons to kill the soldiers being used as weapons by the enemy government. People are put on the battlefield and are arbitrarily told that this other group on the battlefield, people whom they have never met, are their enemy. They don't get to know these people and are ordered to kill these people.
    Meanwhile, the soldiers on both sides are really just people all the same with dreams, loved ones, and joy to experience in life.

    Firebombings of cities murder scores of people who are just trying to live their lives as the people on in the opposing country are.

    What a horrible thing it is to mindlessly follow orders, dehumanize others, and call those that you do not know your enemy. When really, the real enemies of the soldiers are the leaders safe in their war rooms using other human lives as pawns in a game of international chess.

  • This needs clarification

    We go to war way to easily, it should be an absolute last resort. When we do go to war we must under no circumstances kill non-combatants, that is murder. Yes that includes dropping bombs on a town to catch a bad guy but end up killing innocent people in the process. Just following orders is also never an excuse and anyone involved, the ones giving the orders as well as those following them should be prosecuted. Why is it so wrong when our enemies do it but not when we do? We have such a double standard when it comes to war.

  • Taking of Another Human's Life is MURDER

    Most definitely. I don't care what reason is applied to the act, the taking of an individual's life is murder inside and out. The standards were clearly set for us during the Bible days. Thou Shall Not KILL. So, every time this act was done (killing) it was deemed as what it was-killing, murder, or whatever else you want to call it, but the end result is somebody DIED at the hand of another.

  • Killing in war is murder, Whether or not it is justified.

    Killing in war is murder, Whether it is justifiable or not. Murder is (to me) the act of killing with the premeditated malice intent to kill another. Whether or not a soldier is doing it for the lesser of two evils is what makes the topic such a debatable prompt.

  • What the fuck

    Of course it's killing in a war. Murder by definition is to the life of another breathing human being. Just because it's done in the act of war doesn't excuse the fact that it's still murder. War itself is murder and anyone who glorifies it as not being deserves to rot!

  • Leaders actions set an example. Ordinary citizens cannot be held culpable for following such examples.

    We should all be educated in peaceful resolution of disputes. Acts of aggression should be outlawed for all, leaders should be bound to act in a civilized manner expected of all of us. Leaders are the prime example setters within society. The only acceptable acts of killing should in pursuit of eradicating war mongers from society. In combination with root and branch reformation of human behaviour education, in favour of prevention towards establishing a peaceful sustainable human population that lives in harmony with all other life on this planet.

  • Murder definition: "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another"

    War, although is not unlawful, it is premeditated killing of humans at the hand of other humans. It ticks two out of three boxes. Obviously these people are fighting patriotically and I respect them for it, but at the end of the day a person dies at there hands. So many people experience guilt and trauma after because of what they had to endure, see and DO.

  • Civilians Could Put a Stop to it

    In major conflicts parents let their government conscript their sons whom they have nourished since childhood. According to their governments, when they reach the age of 18 they can be used as canon fodder. Think about it, if the young man is 17 and molested its treated as child abuse. But skip over that line to 18, then the government can abuse him by actually endangering his life by forcing him to fight and kill. The governments excludes the mothers and sisters from this horror so they can breed more young men for the next war. Their so-called enemy does the same thing. Its about time that people reach out to their so called enemies (maybe today's Twitter and social media might be the instrument) and refuse to participate or let their sons participate. Wars breed more wars too - notice the rise of ISIS after our killing of thousands in Iraq. If somehow people don't reach out to each other, there will always be wars.

  • Anyone who says anything about war and murder should be blown to hell as they are dumb pacifists

    Who the hell would say its murder unless they are uneducated stupid childish pacifists who would be the first to die in war- its the survival of the fittest. Don't say I am wrong or you disrespect all the men and women fighting for you. Disrespectful stupid idiots go suck off corbyn.

  • Murder is individually targeted

    No, I don't believe that is murder. Murder is an individually targeted action. In war, even when you are targeting a specific enemy, it is not a personal action. Instead, the targeting of an enemy is because of their strategic or tactical value on the war as a whole. So instead of being murder, a personal thing, the killing is a state sponsored action.

  • Can People Give Real Reasons!

    Most of the 'yes' argument have given reasons for invasion, no actual reason on why it is still murder! 'Shooting someone I was told to shoot by the government may be justified, but it is still murder.' Now I'm sorry for using you're quote sir, but seriously, Where's your evidence!

  • Can People Give Real Reasons!

    Most of the 'yes' argument have given reasons for invasion, no actual reason on why it is still murder! 'Shooting someone I was told to shoot by the government may be justified, but it is still murder.' Now I'm sorry for using you're quote sir, but seriously, Where's your evidence!

  • Killing is not murder

    Killing a hostile, recognized, enemy while representing your country in an official manner is not murder so long as ones actions are consistent with the goals of your mission. However, the intentional taking of a life to satisfy one's personal desire for retribution can very easily put one in the category of murderer. Indiscriminate killing also fits this category. For this reason, the act of recon by fire is no longer acceptable as is the use of carpet bombing.

  • War is not Murder!

    War is fought by people who have a positive goal, an aspiration to strive for something for there nation or state, fighting for a country is a lot different then fighting for yourself. The act of murdering somebody is selfish, cruel and without thought, often regretted, and made to be the worlds greatest sin

  • Killing is Justifiable

    If killing is done in order to protect innocent people, then it is justifiable. I'm not saying that killing is always the right answer, but I am saying that it is the right in the situation that it is the ONLY way to protect an innocent person. Killing is not always done out of hate, greed, and folly, but sometimes out of hope for others' well being. We wouldn't be here if people hadn't risked their lives for their country, and we should be grateful for that.

  • Murder and War are Different

    Murder is a offensive act. Killing in a war is a defensive act (assuming your government is at war for the purpose of defense). Killing in war is not murder, but we should definitely question leaders that decide upon war in which killing is an obvious and unavoidable result. What is the last war you are aware of that sufficient diplomacy was attempted and there was no other way to defend our country?
    War is a bad thing that is used way too often. But it is beyond upsetting to call our soldiers murders. People get murdered for saying stuff like that.

  • Definitions for the win

    Definitions: Murder 1) Law. The killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder) and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree mu.Der) 2) the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another Compare manslaughter, homicide, unlawful: not lawful; contrary to law; illegal.
    Source *dictionary.Com*

  • Protecting our freedom.

    We are protecting from the bad people. It's not really murder because if someone's coming after you, you're going to kill them. It's not a fist fight, it's just what we have to do. Also, we want to keep our government safe so we have a free America. Thank you.

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