Is it necessary for every family to have a homemaker?

  • It is significantly helpful, yes

    Culturally, what have we seen over the past 50 years? More and more women going to work, more and more children left to their own devices, and an major increase in violence, suicides, etc. I would argue that this is partially caused by the fact that there is less often a figure at home paying close attention to the children. As hard as working fathers and mothers work, and as much as they may try to be as involved as possible in their children's lives, working is a significant distraction. I believe that this may be a partial cause for the major societal decline that has been prevalent in our world, and our country, over the last few decades. Without a parental figure at home, children have been more often than not, left to their own devices. Because of that, our society has declined and continues to. I know often that it has become a necessity for both parents to work and in saying this I am in no way criticizing households of working families, I simply am stating the fact that due to our societal decline, and our economy, we are worse off now than we have been in the past.

  • Unless you live pre-1950's...

    Most likely if you can own a home then you are a responsible adult who can make their own proper judgement. If you believe that you need someone to stay at home and watch the kids, or you believe that they aren't getting the attention they need, then set the time to take care of the children. Before entering a slippery slope lets act on some common sense.

  • No need for a homemaker.

    The meaning of a family to me is accepting all the responsibilities and growing together. By doing chores and cooking, a family grows closer together and bonds over the experience. By hiring a homemaker, you are eliminating a crucial element of a family. However, if someone chooses to hire a homemaker, that is their choice. To me personally, this is not a necessity in a family. There are far more important things in a family that is a necessity.

  • Between two mature adults, there's no need for one to be homemaker.

    My fiancee and I both have full time jobs we would consider careers. It took very little time to split up the household chores between us in an amicable manner - she does the cooking (I can't cook to save my life) and I do the cleaning (something I oddly enjoy, which she certainly doesn't).

    Everything gets done, and no one HAS to be a homemaker. If someone wants to, that's perfectly fine, but there's no reason someone has to.

  • With two supportive adults, both can have careers.

    I myself am in a loving relationship, and we both have full time jobs that we consider careers. There is no reason why homemaking duties can't be split up evenly between two reasonable adults. I do the cleaning (I'm an awful cook) while my love does the cooking (she's admittedly not the best cleaner). It works, it's easy, no one gripes and everything gets done!

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