Is it necessary for the NSA to spy on foreign leaders?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • It isn't about the Morality, It's about the necessity

    Honestly, no person can tell me that foreign leaders aren't spying on our president and our ambassadors, so while it may not seem right, it's what our advanced world has come to. Besides this, think of WWII, the only reason Stalin was able to help the allies on the Western Front, once the finally did, it was because he had spied on the Japanese and knew they wouldn't attack. The Unites States is prepared for many different global outbreaks of violence because we spy on others. It seems wrong, but it's vital to global security and national comfort to know what is going on even with our allies.

  • I am sure that foreign leaders are spying on us

    Yes, is necessary for the NSA to spy on foreign leaders. In the end, do we really believe that other countries are not spying on the US. Not to mention we allow a large amount of countries to not only visit, but gain citizenship in the country. If we don't prepare then we will fail

  • Yes but it is an uncomfortable truth.

    We probably do need to know what foreign leaders are trying to do so that we can stay up on our game. It is assumed that they do it to us as well. However, it is difficult when we are spying on an ally that we have good relations with.

  • Spying Invokes Distrust

    I do not believe it is necessary for the NSA to spy on foreign leaders. If anything, this practice invokes distrust and disharmony. Spying is a very serious problem and the United States government seems to be the biggest problem. Spying should be thought of as essentially bad and press about it happening should not be shrugged off.

  • Promotes nothing but fear

    It is not necessary for the NSA to spy on citizens, politicians, or leaders foreign or domestic. This sort of spying, if discovered, and with the advent of technology it usually is, will simply encourage and promote fear, distrust, and hatred. There is nothing good that can come out of these secret and covert practices.

  • No it is not necessary but is helpful

    No the NSA does not need to spy on foreign leaders. They do this to get an extra edge of power over the leaders. I think it is a wrong thing to do and violates basic human rights. However, it is an evil that can be very beneficial in the everyday dealings of life.

  • The question asks is it 'Necessary'

    While there are cases where spying on some foreign leaders can be justified (usually only applies to leaders of third-world rogue states), its never really NECESSARY to do so when there are so many other means of obtaining information on those rogue countries and their actions.... So no, its not necessary. It can be justified, but its not necessary

  • Is is not a clear cut question

    It would depend on the circumstances. So called allies like Germany's Angela Merkel is a different kettle of fish to North Korea's Kim Jong-Un. However, I do believe NSA spy program is required to ensure safety of the country. Who we spy on is a blurred line. I think my main issue with the Edward Snowden debacle is that the NSA was going about this with unrestricted access. There was no monitoring committee other than themselves. The government seem to portray plausible deniability and these should have been exactly the people monitoring the NSA. There are certainly unquestionable benefits to the NSA spying on foreign leaders. Unfortunately, who they should spy on and who should choose who they spy on is a much more complex problem.

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